[Become An Entrepreneur] How to Land A Startup Job

July 2, 2017

[Become An Entrepreneur] How to Land A Startup Job
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You want to work with smart people in a fast paced environment where you’re learning every day…

You want to be a part of something bigger than yourself and feel your hard work’s tangible contribution to your company…

You want to learn how to become an entrepreneur so that you can one day start your own company…


There’s only one problem…you don’t have any technical skills : (

This course is a step by step guide for people who currently don’t possess any technical skills to land the startup job of their dreams.

And not just any job, but the premier “business job” at a startup which is commonly called Business Development.

Here’s a few reasons why working in Startup Business Development is so awesome:

You’ll touch multiple parts of the company including strategy and growth
You will build a massive amount of relationships that will carry you throughout your entire career.
You’ll build an insanely valuable and transferrable skillset of learning how to sell, market, and work with other companies.
The trajectory for most business development professionals is CEO/Founder, Venture Capitalist, or high-paid business development professional

And guess what…startup business development doesn’t require specialized skills as a prerequisite like coding, design, or financial modeling. Everything can be taught and you can excel if you have interpersonal skills and a strong work ethic.