Raise Your Rate Masterclass by Danny Margulies

July 10, 2018

Raise Your Rate Masterclass by Danny Margulies
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How do top freelancers charge $100/hr, $250/hr, and even more?
Let me show you.

What you’ll find inside

Raise Your Rate Masterclass

How to double, triple, or even 10x your rate

(without fear of rejection)


Why you need to forget everything you know about “getting a raise” to succeed at freelancing (or how to avoid the “Corporate Pricing Trap” many freelancers inadvertently fall prey to)
The psychological, strategic, and tactical differences between asking for a raise at a “day job” vs commanding more money in your freelancing business (you need to know this even if you’re brand new to freelancing)
My simple pricing method for skyrocketing your rate quickly, virtually effortlessly, and most importantly with zero risk (I personally used this approach to boost my rate over 900% within my first year of freelancing alone)”

Why you should (counterintuitively) avoid going for small raises from your clients, and how to get BIG ones instead
Why you shouldn’t wait to command the type of money that EXCITES you to work in your freelancing business each week
How to influence the real “gatekeeper” who decides how much you charge (hint: it’s not the clients)
The biggest pitfall most freelancers fall into when going for a raise, and how to avoid it
The surprising way freelancers get stuck at a certain rate and end up “plateauing” there (even if they seem “successful” on the surface)
Why repeat customers – great as they are – usually don’t lead to a high freelancing income (and the secret ingredient you need to add to the mix in order to GROW your rate exponentially)
The subtle role price “anchoring” plays in how much you charge – and how to use it to your advantage
My answer to, “What do I do if/when clients see I used to charge so much less than this??”
The surprising role your price plays in client satisfaction (hint: the clients who pay the least are usually the most unhappy – and the hardest to work with)
A real-life example of how I successfully used my Rock Climbing Method to increase my rate by 33% from a single client (I was able to earn $2,000 for about 3 days of work)
My benchmark for determining if you’re charging enough each month and year
And more.

How top negotiators get more – consistently and predictably


Why negotiation isn’t as scary as it seems
How you can master negotiation quickly and easily without being “slick” or aggressive (and, in fact, avoiding all of the negative stereotypes.and having fun with it)
My secrets for closing more deals, faster than my competitors (they usually don’t know what hit them – one minute the client is talking to them, the next minute they’re hiring me!)
How I negotiate with clients for more than just money (for example, I routinely ask for more relaxed deadlines, up front payments, and much more)
How to use negotiation as a tool to earn more money, get more respect, and even stand out from your competitors
Knowing when to save time and walk away (most people get this totally backwards and it probably costs them hundreds of thousands of dollars or more over the span of several years)
How a good negotiation strategy makes you more attractive to clients, in addition to earning you more money per client
Getting past the “Hollywood” myths of negotiation – and knowing what to really expect as a successful negotiator
How to spot good negotiation opportunities (which your competitors will likely miss)
Why the advice of “building value in your services” or “selling the benefits of working with you” is a misguided way to approach negotiation with clients – and what you should do instead
The surprising truth about what a healthy, successful negotiation looks like (hint: it’s not “you vs them”)
Why a single successful negotiation can easily make up for a few duds, and then some
The requirements for a successful negotiation, and how to set yourself up to achieve them
My one, counterintuitive “demand” for every negotiation I enter into
Why discounting and negotiation aren’t the same thing and should never be confused with one another
How to win at negotiating without having to resort to lowering your prices
The sad truth about freelancers who offer discounts, and how to use it to YOUR ADVANTAGE
And more.

What to do when clients say “Too expensive”


The absolute first thing I do whenever a client tells me I’m “too expensive” for them
Why clients are often BS-ing when they say they want to pay less – and what to do about it
A real-life case study of how I overcame a client’s price objection in 5 seconds, even though he initially told me he didn’t want to pay my full rate (I even included screenshots of our actual conversation so you can see exactly what happened, word for word)
Why all price objections aren’t created equal, and how to assess and deal with each one (this is extremely simple once you know what to look for)
Real examples of various objections you might encounter, and what to respond
How to know with virtual certainty when you can confidently say “NO” to a request for a discount and still get every penny without an ounce of further resistance
How to figure out when clients are bluffing about their price
Why and how I ALWAYS get clients to give me something (or even multiple things) in return any time I make even a small price concession
The simple step most freelancers accidentally skip when negotiating with clients (this is a very costly mistake, yet easy to avoid)
The most important factor in any freelancer/client negotiation, and how to harness it and use it to your advantage
How to know when a discount might be your best option (I virtually never offer discounts, and this is the only time I would ever consider it)
The one situation where you should NEVER talk a client into a higher price, and why
How to keep clients’ expectations from going too high (so you can feel confident they’ll be happy with your work without ever feeling pressured to deliver “the moon” to them)
Specific words and phrases you should look out for when negotiating with clients – what they really mean, and how to respond to them
My 2 ironclad rules for discounting (if you ever lower your price by even a dollar, and don’t follow these rules, you’re setting yourself up for failure)
Simple guidelines for taking all of the guessing out of negotiating with clients
How to get the upper hand in just about any negotiation situation
Why clients don’t like it when you’re a pushover, and what to do instead
The one thing I ALWAYS ask clients before I even THINK about discounting my services (even if it’s only a few dollars!)
The simple trick that allows me to practically always refuse to lower my price, even by a dollar (yet still land the contract with 99.9% certainty)
Why I don’t impulsively jump to lowering my price for a client right away, even in cases where I’m considering it
How to avoid the trap of “negotiating against yourself”
And more.

Playing offense: How to bump clients to a higher price (with zero risk)

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