30 Days SMMA – Quenten Chad & Jovan Stojanovic

April 17, 2019

30 Days SMMA – Quenten Chad & Jovan Stojanovic | 46.80 GB


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How we started and scaled our online marketing agency to over $10,000 in 30 days

Lifetime Access to All 7 Modules of 30 Say SMMA

You will have LIFETIME access to over 15 HOURS of valuable videos.

Everything from setting up your business to the ultimate OUTREACH and how to be a savage at SALES to DELIVERING RESULTS to keep your clients happy to SCALING to MULTIPLE 6-FIGURES!

LIVE Meeting Footage of us Closing Over $30,000

You won’t see this anywhere else! Live meeting footage of us CLOSING $30,000 on Skype… PAID on the spot! You’ll have access to this so you can replicate this for yourself.

Meeting & Sales Scripts, Email Templates, Contracts + More

Our exact meeting script that allowed us to close every single one of our clients! The killer sales scripts and outreach templates so you can CLOSE clients! You will have our contract that allows us to keep our clients for a minimum of 3 months AND so much more!

Support + Feedback in Our Private Facebook Group

Live group calls twice per month to help troubleshoot your specific problems. Whatever you need help with, we are available for you on these exclusive calls! We are also active in the group daily to help you with any of your questions!

Coaching from Jovan and Quenten

You will be able to book one-on-one calls with the both of us which is only for 30 DAY SMMA STUDENTS!
This is What You’re Going to Get

  • Lifetime Access to All 7 Modules
  • LIVE Meeting Footage of us Closing Over $30,000 Worth of Deals
  • Sales Scripts, Email Templates, Contracts + More
  • Support + Feedback in Our Private Facebook Group
  • Direct access to Jovan and Quenten for as long as you need

Here’s Precisely What You will Accomplish With thirty day SMMA

WEEK 1: Get (and) The First Client

  • *Steps to make Competition IRRELEVANT by Choosing the right Niche
  • *Our Proven Step-by-Step System for Contacting Companies and becoming
  • Them to provide you with a go
  • *Ways to get Any Company to state YES Within the Phone… Even When You’ve Never Offered
  • a Factor Before
  • *How to produce a Lucrative Facebook Ad in ten minutes

WEEK 2: Run Your Agency Efficiently and Scale to $10K Effortlessly

  • *Ways to get Companies to pay for You for several Several weeks Upfront
  • *How you can Process Payments
  • *How to be an expert Salesperson (Even If You’re an Introvert) With This Proven Scripts, Exercises, and Negotiating Methods
  • *Using LinkedIn to obtain New Customers when needed

WEEK 3: Advanced Outreach Ways of Land BIG Clients

  • *The easiest method to Achieve To Companies and shut Even Faster (Just for Serious Students)
  • *The Earth’s Easiest Spot to Get BIG Having to pay Clients (That Nobody Discusses)
  • *How you can Stay Organized which means you Don’t Explore All Individuals Leads
  • *How you can Follow-up With Prospects and shut Even Individuals Who Initially Stated NO
  • ? WEEK 4: Increase Your Agency to $1.000.000 and Above by Working Less
  • *The Scaling Strategy That Required Us From $10,000 to $1,000,000 in 53 Days
  • *How you can Automate Your Company making Much More Money by Working Way Less (A Few Hrs each day)
  • *Tips to get a Professional High-Ticket Nearer to Close Deas for you personally
  • *Numerous Expert Tips about how to Optimize All the Process and obtain