Big Marketing Idea Book by Todd Brown

February 21, 2018

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Heres Just Some Of
What Youll Find Inside Your Copy
Of This Extraordinary New Book:

The Big Marketing Idea Formula! the secret to standing-out and getting attention for your marketing message… no matter how competitive or crowded your marketplace may be! (Page 38)

3 surefire ways to position your product so its never viewed as the same old thing your competitors are offering! Page 52.

The simple chart which tells you the perfect sales-generating promise to use in any marketing campaign! Flip to page 73.

How to quickly turn your Big Marketing Idea into fast profits from cold traffic! Page 103.

If youre going up against “A-level” marketers or well-known companies , include these 2 things somewhere in the first three sentences of your marketing and watch how fast you begin to out-sell them! See page 45.

GOOGLE SLAP TRIGGERS! What never to say in any of your marketing! It drives your prospects away to buy a competitors product. (Page 47)

How to market and sell the same product every day for years… without your marketing ever getting stale or dated! Page 106.

Does your marketing bypass the dreaded Categorical Imperative? If not, youre losing sales every day. See page 26 to make sure.
How to prevent your prospects from experiencing “Mental Opt-Out”, so they dont see your marketing and bail! Go to page 26.

MARKETING GRID!: A single graph that tells you exactly how your marketing needs to speak to prospects so theyre captivated by your message! (Page 102)

How to know with certainty when you have a winning headline… with a glance at the Promise Exposure Spectrum. Page 74.

AVOID!: Which common “headline formulas” you should never, ever use see page 25.

10 real examples of million-dollar-plus Big Marketing Ideas you can swipe and model for your own marketing! Flip to page 61.

CASE STUDIES!: 3 examples of how to take the most ordinary product and make it wildly exciting to prospects! (Page 48)

How Tim Ferris found and used a Big Marketing Idea to sell 1.3 million copies of his first book. (Page 21)

The amazing “Action Figure” Technique that will make your marketing message absolutely irresistible to prospects! Page 91.

How to use a Big Marketing Idea to slash your traffic-generation costs in half! See page 104.

The key to finding a Big Marketing is creativity, right? WRONG! Flip to page 83 to learn why you never want to rely on creativity. And what to do instead.

What legendary copywriter, Gary Bencivenga, reads to find his Big Marketing Ideas which have produced millions in sales… and brought-in new customers for years! Page 84.

The secret of Transubstantiation how to make even the most ordinary, common product or service feel unique, different, and special… without ever lying or stretching the truth! Page 55.

The single most important sentence you will ever read about how to create powerful marketing. It contains just six words, and they will forever change your approach to marketing. Page 17.

How to get more clicks on all your ads… from ready-to-buy prospects… that turn into new sales, fast! Page 104.

CHEAT SHEET: 10 elements of every Big Marketing Idea! In just minutes youll know your idea is nailed! Page 29.

How to tap into a monster source of new sales from the largest, ignored segment of your marketplace. Your competitors are clueless about this. You wont be. See page 103.

What you must do in your marketing if your prospects have lots of different products or services to choose from. It makes your offer the only logical choice! Page 46.

Why youll never struggle to find your next Big Marketing Idea when you deploy the “Other Pareto Principle”! Page 86.