Advanced Mind Bending Language Hypnotherapy

September 25, 2017

Name Product: Advanced Mind Bending Language Hypnotherapy
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In these rare, guerrilla” DVDs I detail below youll be able to sit in” on an exclusive mentoring program (held just for my licensed trainers) and see through my interactive point-by-point coaching and feedback how to evolve from doing mind bending language” to creating a series of profound rapid-fire unconscious shifts.

DVD #1: How to Create Spontaneous, Natural Mind Bending Language

This starts off with a live coaching session where 2 students come up one to be the hypnotist and the other the subject. I then provide point-by-point coaching and feedback as they go along to DEMONSTRATE how to make MBL authentically natural; rather than an exercise that relies on clunky language patterns”.
Youll see how to make MBL as natural as the rest of your conversation (so you are completely covert).
The DVD ends with a philosophical discussion of the 3 stages of learning: mechanical (you dont know why it works, just what to do), principles based (where you figure out how it works) and finally intuitive (it all becomes easy and natural now).

DVD #2: MBL Philosophy and Expanding Your Subjects Consciousness

On this DVD the focus is on the importance of not trying so hard” and letting mind bending moments happen naturally.
The coaching (captured on this DVD) focuses on NOT trying to solve the clients problem which leads to giving advice and instead expanding your subjects point-of-view so that they find their own solutions. Youll see how in doing so MBL starts to have a strange and compelling logic (it evolves past the random crazy stuff” that people usually throw out there!)
Then there is a discussion about the general strategies we try to use in MBL so that we can be confident that the subject will change without us having to force our advice on them!

DVD #3: Unconscious Moments” And Creating Powerful Healing Trances

This DVD starts with a recap of the key principle of SLOWING DOWN and taking the pressure off so internal unconscious change in your subject emerges naturally.
This DVD also focuses on the idea of spotting Unconscious Moments” that are the best opportunities for a powerful healing trance.
Then theres a great segment where I walk round the room and interrupt people mid exercise to coach them live in the moment. You can hear a bunch of these impromptu coaching sessions for your own insights.

DVD #4: Mining the Subconscious Mind for Answers

This DVD focuses on the main themes for the training: slow down, stop giving advice, stop trying to force the change, pay attention to Unconscious moments, etc.
There is advice given on how you go from mechanical clumsiness to magical artistry.
The coaching session then focuses on a relationship issue. One of the things youll get from this DVD is how NOT to get sucked into the clients problem reality and learning how to separate what their conscious mind THINKS is going on and what is really happening at an UNCONSCIOUS level. Very important!

DVD #5: Smart” Mind Bending Language & Using MBL Formulas in Public

On this DVD my MBL cards are used to stretch the students range a bit.
There is a Q&A segment on how to make my MBL Cards work in public, even though they are not particularly designed for that context.
Then theres another live coaching session. Afterwards there is a LONG discussion on how to get” the clever language patterns youll see Randy who is fixated on an unhelpful approach and how, using MBL, I slowly bring him around to seeing how to be more effective.

DVD #6: Taking the Pressure Off with Natural Covert Communication

The theme in this DVD is less is more” when to shut up, when to simplify your suggestions etc., to make the whole process of working” with a subject more natural and easy.
Youll see how by saying less, MBL actually becomes more natural, covert as well as effective.
Youll also see how by adopting the mind set of NOT trying to resolve someone elses problem your mind will stay open enough for you to spot the unconscious moments where the right MBL phrase will speed up and deepen the transformation process.

DVD #7: Handling Resistance Demonstration: A Blend of Ericksonian Hypnosis & Mind Bending Language

This DVD focuses on the power of strategic pausing rather than rambling on and ruining good suggestions by moving ahead to quickly.
By pausing (at strategic points) it gives your subject critical processing time.
Youll also see how to clearly create a distinction between states (trance v waking.)
The bulk of the DVD, however, is me doing a demo with Randy on how to resolve resistance. Randy keeps trying to intellectualize the experience and interferes with the hypnotic process as a result.
However youll see how (using a combination of Ericksonian hypnosis and MBL) I create a strong conscious / unconscious dissociation in Randy so that even though he doubts anything is happening and keeps trying to interfere he unconsciously resolves his issue of resistance to the concepts being taught