Agency Summit 2017 by Andrey Polston

February 18, 2018

Name Product: Agency Summit 2017 by Andrey Polston
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Over 50 experts are opening up their marketing Black Books. Youll get proven, step-by-step instructions for positioning yourself as the authority in your niche, getting the best clients, and commanding the highest fees.

The strategies, systems, and checklists 7-figure agencies are using to scale quickly, so you can do the same

How to command higher fees for what youre already offering, and have prospects happy to pay them by simply knowing how to position yourself
Proven strategies for generating quality leads for your agency or practice that are working in the real world right now
5 costly mistakes agency owners and consultants make, that you can fix immediately

How to dominate any niche of your choosing at will, by knowing how to position yourself and by knowing the kind of offers you need to make that will actually build a waiting list of clients
How to build a global, virtual team while making social impact if you want a bigger purpose behind your business
How to scale your agency while building it as a real asset with a strong valuation
How to get more clients and revenue using the new rules of video marketing
The legal traps facing agency owners in 2018 and beyond and how you can protect yourself ahead of time.

How to use local events to grow your agency quickly (step-by-step instructions)
How to dominate paid traffic on Youtube to get a steady flow of leads and and buyers

Whats working best with Facebook paid traffic funnels right now for generating leads and profits quickly
The process for winning with organic videos on Youtube if you or your clients could use a strong Youtube channel
How to build a funnel for predictably getting local clients anywhere in the nation
How to scale your paid traffic campaigns from 500 per month to over 50K per month, profitably
Step-by-step how to generate 3-20 clients per month from Linkedln (Yes, this still works if you know how to do it)
Out-of-the-box direct mail strategies for getting new clients and for helping your clients sell more of their products and services

Youll have the expertise and strategies to raise your fees immediately after the summit if you apply what you learn
Youll learn exactly whats working in the trenches right now from agency owners and consultants who are successfully growing their businesses. Theyre crushing it for their clients you can model what theyre doing to get the same results

Instead of surface level-content, youll get access to over 50+ in-depth interviews that leave nothing unaddressed, and tons of unique, specific subjects so that you have a blueprint to follow right away
Save the thousands of dollars youd normally spend on airfare, hotel, meals, even tickets, and instead have that money to use for actually applying the step-by-step strategies youll learn so you can start growing your business immediately
Every single speaker has been vetted for a proven track record that shows theyre actually succeeding with what theyre teaching. That way, you know its real world-tested and proven to work
Even if you only attend a few sessions, your business will never be the same. If you want to grow your business aggressively enough to attend 12+ sessions then youll have the blueprint for literally dominating your niche, getting the best clients, and raising your fees.
Actually have a fabled client waiting list within 6 months of attending The Agency Summit if you apply the lead generation, value proposition, and proposal strategies that youll be given