Allan Haley on the Evolution of Typeface Design

November 4, 2017

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Allan Haley is a consultant, educator, and formerly the Director of Words and Letters at Monotype. He is a giant in the typography community, responsible for maintaining a link to the history of type while keeping tabs on its future.

In this interview, a partnership between and AIGA, Allan talks to Kristin Ellison about typography: why typography inspires a passionate response from cognoscenti and laymen alike, how the evolution from metal-set to digital type has impacted interest, and why certain typefaces endure. They also discuss
The qualities of a great typeface
Advice for typeface designers
The impact of craftspeople like Doyald Young and the Maker movement
Marketing typefaces and combatting font piracy
Developing Monotypes library
Why Monotype reinvests in fonts like Metro and Gill Sans
Leaving Monotype to consult
What makes a good addition to a font library
How to design a font to fulfill a gap in the marketplace
Whats on the horizon for typography