Andy Harrington Professional Speakers Academy

February 18, 2018

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Heres How The 3-Day Speakers Bootcamp Works.

Professional Speakers Academy

Step One

You will be taught how to put together the perfect presentation to get your message across utilizing a proven step-by-step system.

Youll discover its not about having a script but rather about a structure, you must follow to have your audiences entertained, engaged and educated but most importantly talking about YOU for weeks!

Step Two

As part of your comprehensive learning at the course, youll see examples of every tactic and technique in action at a seminar where Andy Harrington spoke LIVE in front of thousands of people. So you know the techniques really work.

Step Three

You will be guided through a series of powerful exercises that will improve your stage performances whilst build the content of your very next presentation. When you complete the 3-day program youll already have the makings of a world-class presentation.

Heres a quick guide to what you will learn month-by-month with Professional Speakers Academy:

Stress-Free Speaker System
If you have seen our free videos youll know all about this but now we are going to deepen your knowledge and broaden your ability to have truly accomplished presentation skills so you can present confidently and comfortably without ever running out of something to say.
STAY and Pay Positioning
Youll discover how to build the first 5-20 minutes of your presentation so youll have a captivated and motivated audience keen to learn from you from the very get-go.
4-Mat Formula
Youll learn how to design a workshop session so every possible learning style of your audience is covered. This means youll have the structure to build lucrative one-day and multi-day workshops so you get paid even more money for delivering them.
Unique Branded System
Youll discover how to position yourself as an authority by having your own roadmap for people to follow. This step-by-step framework could become the basis of your book and your multi-day seminar. Think “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and youll know in a heartbeat how valuable this months training will be.
KickSTART Content Creator
You may have seen an overview of this module but now we are going to explode your ability to leverage this tool by giving you examples and exercises to build your talk point by point. Mastering this module means youll be the most captivating speaker your company, university or industry has ever seen.
Tri-Summit Storytelling System
Rather than having dry, boring predictable presentations and death by PowerPoint you will discover the art of making your points and illustrating them beautifully through stories and anecdotes with a system based on Hollywood movies.
Mastery of this module could make you an international speaker who gets are paid to travel all around the world sharing your advice.
Pitch and Grow Rich
At some point, you may develop your own products and programs that you wish to offer for sale at the back of the room. This module is a comprehensive break down of everything you need to know to make massive profits from this lucrative approach to professional speaking.
Step-By-Step Training is the Key

In each module you will learn every strategy, tactic and technique to become a confident speaker that people want to learn from.

In addition to the LIVE training, you will see Andy Harrington demonstrating each technique at a giant super-conference with a big audience so you know these techniques absolutely work.

Our students become great speakers because each module of the Jet Set Speaker System builds upon the success of the previous module so step-by-step you become a more confident, more certain, more charismatic speaker right there on the 3-day course.

You Dont Need To Be A Confident Individual
It doesnt matter if you dont know what to you are going to speak about (most people dont when they join) as youll figure this out as part of your training.

And it certainly doesnt matter if youve never spoken on stage before.

It doesnt matter if you dont have anything to sell or offer people.

And Finally.

It doesnt matter if you dont have a business

or a product to offer on stage

Professional Speakers Academy