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September 25, 2017

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After 15 years of selling products online, and over $120 Million in revenue Its about time I taught you how to become a Copywriting Jedi!

Lets be honest:

Copywriting is a boring topic.

Its not a shiny business model or a swanky software; its just copy.

But you know what? Copy is everywhere.

That Facebook Ad you clicked a little while ago? Copy.
That product you bought from Amazon; The description that persuaded you to buy? Copy.
The webinars you watch and buy from? Copy.
The emails you get from me every day? Copy.
Those long-form sales letters? Video sales letters? Product reviews, digital publishing, advertising all COPY.

Why Words Are The Foundation
Of Every Successful Entrepreneur

Just think about this… Even Robert Kiyosaki says: The #1 skill an entrepreneur must have is the ability to SELL.”

I get it. Selling is uncomfortable.

20 years ago, you had no choice. You had to go face-to-face or on the phone. TODAY, we are fortunate enough that we can have words represent us. But think back in time:

Every business must have a product.

And the product must be SOLD in order for there to be any sales. So all revenue… ALL INCOME that is generated is a result of a sale.

That means, an entrepreneur must be able to sell.

But listen… no one says youve got to stand in front of people to sell.

You can now use a simple formula of written words and you can easily hide behind the computer (if you want to) while your words represent you and do all the selling.

But Im Not A Writer And I HATE Writing”

Guess who else was not a writer?

Yours truly.

In fact, I nearly failed writing class in school and my English teacher told me: Anik, dont ever become a writer, please”.

Dont get me wrong. I was a straight A student. But honestly, writing just wasnt my thing. Ill admit it right now. Im not a novelist. I dont know fancy words. I still open up the dictionary when Im reading a book.

I still struggle with grammar, nouns, pronouns, adverbs, prepositions and what not.Dont ask me! I dont even know what half of these mean.

But what I do know is this:

How to write WORDS THAT SELL.

The Most Profitable Advice I EVER Got, 14 Years Ago

Every successful business person must be able to sell through the art of the written word

Justin Ford
This quote completely changed my life.

But what really gave me hope: The COMMON MAN is better suited at copywriting than a trained Wordsmith.

You dont need to use sexy words, or be a novelist to write copy. In fact, the OPPOSITE. Using hi-fi grammar and thesaurus-level words is actually HARMFUL. What this means for you?

Today, more than ever YOU can write copy.

If Youre Not A Writer… I Have Good News For You.

Selling is very different NOW, than it used to be before. The tables have turned and its YOUR TIME to shine now.

How? Well…