Are You Ready to Monetize Your Blog?

November 4, 2017

Product Name: Are You Ready to Monetize Your Blog?
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10 ways to be a full-time blogger, even if you have less than 1,000 subscribers

So now, you have a blog. Or maybe you are planning to start one. But are you ready to make real money with it?

Lets see how to build a successful blog and how you can monetize it.


How to make your posts better
How to write better headlines
How to get subscribers
Why pay-per-click advertising is a bad idea
10 ways to earn real money with your blog
We have collected the best practices, what works in 2017, and what works for blogs with fewer visitors.

Some people are making good money through blogging, but how are they doing it? 10,000 or 20,000 unique visitors a day gives plenty of opportunity to monetize your blog, and its fairly easy. But what if your blog has only 1,000 subscribers? The good news is: there are still ways to make money with your blog, and even build your subscriber base,

Forget about the old methods like Google Adsense, pay-per-click ads, and banners. I will tell you why they are horrible for blogs.

I show you something different. These tactics work; they are fresh, they are exciting.

This course is a slide-based: animated presentation with voiceover. No talking-head, no screen shots. And I have an accent. People say they can understand me, but my English is not perfect (see in the promo video). If you are one of them who dont like my accent, the whole course is downloadable in pdf.