Automated List Academy System by Anik Singal

Name Product: Automated List Academy System by Anik Singal
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Anik Let Me In! Im Ready To Learn How To Increase Email Marketing Profits By Up To 300% By Using a Simple Formula My 6-Step Email Marketing System for AUTOMATED, MASSIVE Profits:

Aniks Open Vault My 10-Year Experience = Your 7-Day Success $2,997 VALUE 5 Full Modules walks you through ALL of my Proven Email Marketing Experience. I hold nothing back! Learn my cant-miss secrets and strategies from my MULTIMILLION DOLLAR Promotions. Steal my shortcuts, copy my email strategy, then just apply to your own business. You can learn in just 7 DAYS what took me a full DECADE!

List Building Master Class 6-Week Tele-Class on How to Build a Huge List FAST $997 VALUE
Dont have an impressive email list? No problem! In just 6 weeks. YOU WILL! In this hold-nothing-back Master Class Program, youll learn everything you need to grow a high-converting list to hundreds, thousands even TENS of THOUSANDS!

Mega Conversion Corner My WINNING Templates, Models, Emails, & Subject Lines $1,997 VALUE
High conversions, high commissions dont just happen It takes the right templates, models and emails. I hand you my absolute favorite and MOST PROFITABLE Emails, Subject Lines, Templates and Models. Gain an advantage nobody else has that will SKYROCKET your business. Simply copy, paste, DONE.

Active Expert Community Share & Review Your Emails and Marketing Strategies $997 VALUE
Youre NOT alone! Youll have an entire team of EXPERT Email Marketers, Affiliate Marketers, Writers, Designers. EVERYBODY you need to grow your business. Share your ideas. ask them to review your emails. get valuable feedback instantly!

Expert Think Tank & Test Bank First Class Ticket to Aniks NEW Strategies and Secrets $1,497 VALUE
Im ALWAYS testing! My email strategy, my writing, my videos. EVERYTHING. In fact, doing this launch, I learned LOTS of ways to get MORE signups, MORE leads, and MORE profits! Every month, you get an update of whats NEW in my Test Bank. Always be on the bleeding edge of what works best!

Event-Based Marketing Mastery How to Crush Promotions, Deepen Relationships & Build Amazing Value $1997 VALUE
There might be a few out there with bigger lists. but nobody has a BETTER, more responsive, more appreciative and more dedicated list. NOBODY! Why? Because of my Event-Based Marketing approach! I share it ALL with you so you too can create a FANATICAL list!

BONUS :1 Aniks Traffic Academy My Favorite 4 Traffic Sources for Laser Fast List Building $997 VALUE
BONUS :2 Cheat Sheet Flow Charts Works for All Types of Promotions $497 VALUE
BONUS :3″Affiliate Insider” Launch Bank $497 VALUE
BONUS :4 The Bonus Sales Tripler The #1 Way to 3X Commissions! $997 VALUE
BONUS :5 Done-For-You Email Templates 100 Copy & Paste Emails in RED HOT Niches! $1,997 VALUE


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