Become a highly paid Consultant, Adviser, Coach or Trainer

December 11, 2016

Become a highly paid Consultant, Adviser, Coach or Trainer
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Course Description
If you want to become a highly valued and well paid consultant this course is for you. You have to digest this program if you want to run your own business. If you want to become a consultant working in large corporate, all the information within the videos and PDFs is critical in supporting your work.

This is for you if you are specialist in IT, Business Consulting, Website Design, SEO, Risk, Finance, Lean , Customer Service -this course provides the building blocks to set up a successful and lucrative business.

This course has been designed for those who are seeking to develop their own business in Consultancy or as a specialist or technical Business Advisor, Trainer, Coach or Mentor. This course is a vital foundation to make any Consultancy business work. It is founded on the experience of the author who has run several Consultancy and Coaching and Training businesses in the last 25 years + operating in the US, Europe and the UK.

The course is structured into 10 lectures (including PDF downloads) and covers all the essential components of consulting including:

Preparing your consultancy service and developing your own SWOT analysis
Developing your Personal ‘Brand’
Using our Service Portfolio Matrix to develop and leverage the services you offer
Developing business strategies to acquire new customers
Adding exceptional value to your customers and clients which will be reflected in the fee structure you can charge
Generating consulting fees commensurate with the top 10% in your professional field
Building rapport with clients and turning interest into customer retention and client loyalty
Applying the 5 Stage Consulting Methodology
Students can complete the course in about 5 hours but we strongly suggest that you go through the material several times. There are specialist exercises for you to perform and completion of these exercises will benefit the sustainability of your business.

What are the requirements?
A general understanding of business subjects is all that is necessary
What am I going to get from this course?
Assess how best to set themselves up as a consultant, coach or business advisor
Identify key barriers to setting up an independent consulting practice
Understand the importance of building personal branding and offering unique niche solutions for clients
Recognise the value of personal communication and influencing strategies in working with clients
Self-assess using a personal SWOT as it relates to consulting or advisory work
Be able to sell exceptional and tangible benefits to clients and provide reasons why they should choose you above others
Know how to attract the right type of client and develop strategies for working on winning and retaining the ‘ideal’ client as an individual or as a business
Apply the Service Portfolio Matrix to your consultancy and advisory services and assess their relative value to each of the four quadrants. This is valuable in assessing which services you can sell to which clients and which sectors
Understand the psychology of developing a fee structure and understand this is a direct reflection of the value you add for your client
Focus on selling your services in the top 5-10% of the industry norm, and provide comparable service
Understand the difference between being ‘sales’ and ‘client’ focused and work on developing long-term relationships with your client
Understand the dynamics behind the five-stage consulting cycle and be able to support your client going through the process
Analyse the relationships of the core actors in the change arena and how they work together as consultants, client, stakeholder and implementers
Evaluate and apply the best marketing practise to build your business as a consultant or business advisor
What is the target audience?
You should take this course if you want to start or develop your own Consulting, Business Advisory, Training, Mentoring or Coaching Business and offer genuine value to clients. People who should not take the course are those looking for a ‘get rich quick’ , short term scheme.