Bob Diamond – The Overages Blueprint

August 19, 2019

Bob Diamond – The Overages Blueprint | 3.92 GB


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YES! I’d like to get Overages Blueprint and discover how to collect 5-figure paychecks in weeks, not years, from real estate overage funds.

And I won’t even have to make offers, own property, or find buyers! Here’s What Comes With Your Amazing Membership Package

  • 21-Day Quick Start Guide
  • 12 Training Modules with videos
  • Opportunities to Ask Questions
  • Guide to the best states to work in
  • Telephone Scripts
  • Letter and Document Templates

Can anyone learn this?

Yes. We have students from various age groups and with various levels of exposure to the real estate market. We’ll teach you everything you need to know.

Do I have to live in the United States?

No. We’ve had many successful students from as far away as Australia work the business, because everything is done by phone, mail, and computer.

Is this business legitimate?

The Overages Blueprint

Yes, we also call this the Robin Hood business as we basically take the money owed by the government and give it to the people who have undergone foreclosure. We have extensive experience doing this for many years.

We’ve invested the final three years in our lives employed in e-commerce and today unveil the very best of all possible worlds, our new understanding, tools and skills combined with the strong good reputation for success and experience. The collective 2 decades experience with our business operators in most things Overage, tax lien, tax deed and property related coupled with 50 plus many years of legal practice is for you in Version 5 HOO morphing into Overages Blueprint!

Our story is a touch different, we’re MBA’s, Lawyers and professionals who’ve produced a genuine company where phones are clarified seven days a week 24 hrs each day so we have properly trained experienced people here that will help you in support. Naturally, we ask the tougher and nuanced support situations are specified by an e-mail to make sure we obtain the best person that will help you within our company, mundane and simple such things as user id’s password resets, etc. are certainly “give us a call” kinda things. The “how you can” interpret lists from counties, skip trace nuances, completing contracts, yep, individuals use an e-mail so we focus on individuals from 9-5 every single day (Mike, Michelle, Ashleigh, Christine, Erectile dysfunction, Dave and Bob do require a existence too!) the bottom line is that we’re No one having a mobile phone whom you pray includes a good day and time that will help you.

This can be a strong company brought by strong experienced leaders with sufficient gray to become smart about existence and a few youngsters to help keep it moving fast! (They are doing you know, kinda like young puppies nipping in the older dogs heels) and we like to enjoy you and also keep a feeling of humor while doing great work!

Venture out there making a great living along with a difference by recovering money for individuals in desperate need! We’re for you all the way that will help you achieve your individual form of success