BOB ROSS – All-in-One Local Blueprint

July 17, 2017

BOB ROSS – All-in-One Local Blueprint
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Just a few years ago you could waltz your way into the local business scene as an SEO, Web Dev, or Mobile specialist and take advantage of their ignorance toward “internet marketing”.

But it’s not 2011 anymore!

Brick & Mortar’s have been solicited for years now, being pitched the same digital doo-dad services left and right that they’re virtually immune to them.

The only ones selling these services successfully are ones who’ve built relationships based on trust and experience. So if you’re new and looking to make a splash in your community… selling almost anything digital as your main offering is like a suicide mission.

If you want to get your hands deep into local owner’s pockets, you need to offer things that are easy for them to understand and see results with. Not some ten dollar product a guru managed to fabricate between circle jerk sessions with his promotion buddies.

I’d like to share with you my treasured arsenal of proven and working marketing ‘devices’ that will give you the ability to deliver explosive response unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

These are secrets so good that I’m full confident you’ll become the hottest marketer in town; able to outperform virtually anyone who dare say they can deliver results.