Bot Badassery + OTO1 + OTO2

August 26, 2018

Bot Badassery + OTO1 + OTO2


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Bot Badassery OTO1
About Bot Badassery: Strategies & Automation
Upon purchasing Bot Badassery, you now have the power to make messenger bots create more leads and raving fansthan you probably ever imagined.

So let me be 100% clear:



When you grab Bot Badassery: Strategies & Automation you are literally getting a behind-the-scenes look at the exact, SPECIFIC strategies that Robert Stukes and Shawn Anderson use to make messenger bots so successful.

…and the automations that make them completely “set it and forget it…”
Putting Your Marketing On Near-Complete Autopilot as a “Non Techie”…Is It Possible?
You bet it is. After all, Robert and Shawn are about as “non-techie” as they come.

When we talk about automation, we’re not simply talking about scheduling a few emails in an autoresponder.

What if you were able to completely and seamlessly get subscribers into your email autoresponder, your messenger bot, subscribe them to a webinar, and get them into a Facebook group in just TWO STEPS?

It’s possible.

What if you were able to use FB messenger bots to get subscribers on your email list WITHOUT a lead magnet and then sell them affiliate products?

It’s possible.

What if you were able to use FB messenger ads to quickly pack your webinars with targeted prospects and remind them to attend with broadcast messages they’ll actually read so your attendance skyrockets?

It’s possible.

And it’s all automated. And we show you step by step how it’s done in Bot Badassery: Strategy & Automations
“Is This Cheating?”
Yeah, I know. It sounds insane that you can do all this. And probably impossible.

But it’s definitely not impossible.

In fact, it’s really easy. We’ve already done the testing and figured out all the easiest ways to get it done.

All you have to do is follow our simple to use guide…

We literally tell you to “click here, click there…” your way to complete bot automation.

You’ll never see this level of detail anywhere else…and ESPECIALLY not with showing you messenger bots…

It simply doesn’t exist. We’re the only ones that are using these strategies because we invented them.

Then we tested them “in the wild” to perfection.

So now we use them to ruthlessly take over markets.

It doesn’t matter what niche you are in, you know you need to build a list.

So that’s where we start: by building huge lists of people that will be ready to buy from you.

If you sell info products, you’re going to LOVE our automated strategies that you simply set up, push “PLAY.”

Finally, if you use webinars, you’re going to be blown away at how easy it is to pack them with fans with these simple methods.
Bot Badassery + OTO2
About Bot Badassery: DFY Bots and Ads
You ever just want to skip to the head of the line?

Of course you do. But to do that, you need access to messenger bots that you KNOW work very well right off the bat.

And Facebook ads that are just as potent…right out the gate!

That’s why we – for a VERY LIMITED TIME are saying “STEAL OUR STUFF!”

This one time only, you have the opportunity to grab not just one…not just two…but NINE sets of ads and bots.

That’s NINE different, proven bots and NINE different proven Facebook ads.

For one EXCEEDINGLY CRAZY low investment.
Want to REALLY jump start things?

Well you are in luck.

What if you could LEAP FROG your progress with our Done FOR You, Fill-in-the-Blank Bot Templates?

Imagine this…

You pick which bot you want to run with.


Fill in the blanks.

Run a little traffic (with the instructions in the course) and BAM!

You’re off to the races

Not to mention but EACH bot comes with a Fill-in-the-Blank Ad Copy!


We decided to not only give you 9 bots but DFY Facebook Ad Copy as well.

Here are the 9 bots of epicness you are getting (+ DFY/Fill-in-the-Blank Ad Copy):
List Building Bot: This sucker is HUGE. Not only are you getting them connected through Messenger, you are ALSO getting their email. The best part? You can use this bot as a ‘template’ for any of the other bots to build your email list in any of the flows. WIN freakin’ WIN.
Enter to Win Contest Bot: DO NOT ABUSE THIS! This bot is POWERFUL. Especially with our DFY Ad Copy. With our ‘Enter to Win’ or ‘Contest Bot’, you simply plug in your giveaway, fire up the bot and watch the leads ROLL in. Powerful is an understatement.
eCommerce Bot: This is what Messenger was BUILT for. Use our Ad Template to offer one of your products with Free Shipping, fire up the DFY bot and link them to your Shopify/Ecom store. Rinse/repeat.
High Ticket Consulting Bot: This one is one of our favorites. People are scared of getting on the phone. Closing high ticket through email is DIFFICULT. But with Messenger? The bot warms them up. Then you simply jump into a ‘Live Chat’ and close.
Facebook Group Bot: Building a Facebook Group can be one of your biggest assets. Follow or Fill-in-the-Blank Ad + Bot flow. You now have them connected to you through Messenger BUT also in your Facebook Group. Watch that sucker grow!
Offline Client Acquisition Bot: OH BABY. This is literally our FAVORITE. Why? Sell new offline clients on building them their own bot. How? Just get them interacting with the pre-built bot that we have for you. After you leave them AMAZED, send a payment link. Like shooting fish in a barrel.
Webinar Registration Bot: Easy. Pre-written ad copy. 2 Step Bot. Link to reg page. SIMPLE.
Information Products Bot: Tired of failed product launches? Those days are GONE. Fire up your ad using our template. Give away a ‘cheat sheet’ that covers the 3 biggest issues your niche is having. Then simply direct them to your sales page. Easy Peasy.
You Get Them All…For Less Than You’d Spend on Dinner for 2. And setting up an entirely new campaign will take less time than dinner…
So you have a decision to make.

You have everything you need for a successful Bot campaign.

And now you have a DONE FOR YOU package in front of you.

A package with 9 options to deploy.

Learning curve cut to virtually ZERO.

Grab them.

Deploy your campaigns.

FINALLY get where you have been trying to go…