Bradley Long – eCom Conversions

September 8, 2016

Bradley Long – eCom Conversions
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The Most Complete Training On Rapidly Growing An E-Commerce Business Using Conversion Rate Optimization

This groundbreaking training is ideal for intermediate and advanced Shopify store owners.

It teaches how to get double and triple-digit improvements in conversion rate using a unique 5-step process.

Your buyers will also learn how to accurately run a split-test so they can measure to the penny the improvements they make.

If your list have previously bought Shopify trainings through you, this is the next logical step for them to take things to the next level!

Boost your Shopify store’s sales by up to 235% without spending an extra penny on traffic

A Special Message to All Shopify Store Owners Who Want to Rapidly Grow An e-Commerce Business:

On this page, I’m revealing.

The fastest way for your store to achieve market dominance
Why “best practice” isn’t best for your site
The one immutable law of business growth
The best-kept secret of e-commerce store owners who get rich!
How to be 3x more profitable then your competitors without having to be 3x better than them

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