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Whats Included in the Bronze Cold Email Training System?
Across the 4 Modules, youll have access to an enormous amount of information and resources. Ive taken everything Ive learned over 10,000 emails, 1,000 meetings with 3,500 buyers and decision makers across 700 companiesnot to mention 600 books on psychology, persuasion and influence and packaged it up in the form of 38 videos, 24 MP3s, 22 PDFs, 10 templates & worksheets and almost 5 hours of video!
In Module 1
Youll have what is really an unfair advantage with your understanding of how to approach your prospects and minimize your chance of rejection or getting strung along.
By the end of Module 1, I basically “brainwash” you into never forgetting how to approach your opportunities from the perspective of your buyer. This needs to become your new way of thinking if youre looking for big results from cold emailing. Thats why we start with this topic first.
In Module 2
We show you how to target better clients and customers so that you can spend your time with people who actually want what you have! Never again will you waste all your time on wild goose chases.
If you want to stop feeling like a “vendor” and start getting treated like a valued partner in your clients or customers success, then you need to choose your targets carefully. This approach will help you do it.
Module 2 shows you how to find your dream clients (most people are extremely surprised at how much mental energy is required here to get this RIGHT), how to get the email address, and I walk you through case studies showing how to put the process into practice.


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