Build Social Networking website with Smartphone Apps

March 16, 2018

Name Product: Build Social Networking website with Smartphone Apps
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Create Social Network with Smartphone Android iOS Apps without Coding
initial Release: Thu, Aug 10, 2017 Last updated on Friday, Aug 25, 2017
This is a PHP based Social Network Script Easiest & Fast way to start your Own Social Networking Website Platform We need To purchase it from a Digital Marketplace.
Admin Features
Statistics, Displays statistics & users registered, Reaction, reported , stories posted, Comments, pages created, liked, Follows, Plan, shared, groups created. etc
Advertisement Plugin: Display Ads on Your Websites, Messages Ad, Home Ad, Timeline Ad, Hashtag Ad, Search Ad
General Settings: Update general settings of website Website ,Registration, Social Logins, SMTP|Email, Communication Method, Audio/Video Calls, Uploads
Payments/Billing, Users, Pages, Groups, Events, Stories, Comments, Censored Keywords
Manage Users Groups Pages View, edit, verify, reset password, delete Users,Groups,Pages
Ability to censor words
Statistics: , Users Statistics, Pages Statistics, Groups Statistics, Plan Sales Statistics , Friends Statistics , Page Likes Statistics , Group Joins Statistics , Stories Statistics , Comments Statistics , Reactions Statistics , Shares Statistics
Manage Reports, View reports posts , mark as safe or delete
Set & The Change settings- User , Page , Groups Settings
Admin Login ~ Change login details
Theme System: Rich, dynamic theme system allows you to change the whole layout of the website And More..
User Features
Video and Audio Calls: Live Video & Audio Chat with your friends
Fully responsive Website Mobile Phones , Desktops
#Hashtags Trending & Related topics shared by peoples (WWW) Worldwide
@Mentions @usernames to tag people , Featured Users , Emoticons
Verified Profiles and Pages.
YouTube, Google Maps , SoundCloud API Ready
How To Earn Money Subscription Plans , Earn money from your website using Paid Subscription Plans, You Can Also Use Google Adsense Ads or others Publishers
Boost Posts | Reactions Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad & Angry.
Uploads docx, jpg,png,gif,mp3,mp4,pdf,zip,doc and more
Supported Payment Methods: users can pay you directly using by their Credit Cards or PayPal
Themes Change & Customize Design of Your Social Network with Themes You Also can add new themes
Messages Send and receive Private messages from Pages And Users
Password recovery by email or username
Turn On/Off Notifications for posts
Privacy: Control who can message you, post on your timeline, confirm follow requests or not, Follow You, etc.
API system for Developers: Develop android & iOS apps using API keys
User Timeline , Group Timeline , Page Timeline Featured users, Post Booster, Photos, Displays users public profile along with Stories, Events posted and shared by user, users current events, and activities and more
Reports: Users can Report on stories , comments
Cover: Dynamic Cover for users, Pages & Groups Timeline
Notifications: Receive notifications from likes, comments & shares
Search Search for people, Groups And Pages
Shares View list of people who shared this, Share or unshare a post.
Home/News Feed: Trending! , announcement, Displays Stories, Events, Photos posted by friends/followed people, pages, and groups. Also story filters and follow & friends suggestions
View list of people who likes this, Likes: Like or unlike a post And Much more…