Building an Integrated Online Marketing Plan (2013)

November 4, 2017

Product Name: Building an Integrated Online Marketing Plan (2013)
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Learn how to integrate all the moving parts of a successful marketing strategy email, social media, search, and more without diluting your message is a critical skill for businesses large and small. Matt Bailey has over two decades in the online marketing industry. Let him show you how to establish your brands story and then market it accordingly, using permissioned email, blog posts, and forums like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Pinterest. Learn to assess your resources and research the market, so you dont overreach; develop compelling content that entices customers while supporting your brand; and then review the performance of your campaigns and look for opportunities for improvement.

Topics include:
Assessing your resources and budget
Developing your brands narrative
Avoiding mixing mediums
Marketing via search, email, and blog posts
Reaching fans on social media
Integrating video
Researching the market
Publishing content
Reviewing your success