Building PHP RESTful Web Services

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PHP 7 has modernized the way developers write code, simplifying various operations and adding support for several more.

This course explains the basic concepts associated with the REST architectural style, but the emphasis is on creating PHP code for consuming and creating RESTful services in PHP. Filled with example PHP code to illustrate concepts, the course targets PHP developers who want to build or make use of RESTful web services, or explore the options available to them in PHP. Beginning with an introduction to the REST architecture, the course goes on to build a complete web service in vanilla PHP. It shows you how to develop APIs that can be consumed by other services.

You will learn to test and secure your web services and use a framework such as Silex or Phalcon to simplify the development process. Youll finally understand how to add reactivity to your web services, gearing you up for the journey to a microservice-based application.

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