ChinaImportal – Buyer’s Guide 2017: Electronics

March 3, 2017

ChinaImportal – Buyer’s Guide 2017: Electronics
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Import Electronics From Asia: Get Your Buyer’s Guide Now
Get all the tools you need to manage the importing process by yourself, from your office or home
A Step-by-Step Guide that guides you through safety standards, supplier sourcing, product sample orders and customs procedures.
Get Professional Guidance: Simply login and ask us any question about buying from Asia. We’ll answer in 1 to 2 working days.
Access All the Tools You Need: Document Templates and Discounts on International Freight & Quality Control.
This is Covered in the Buyer’s Guide
Step by Step Guide
The 85+ page digital manual guides you through the entire importing process.
Supplier Sourcing System
How to find, verify and select the most qualified electronics suppliers.
Product Specifications
How to create your own product spec sheet and bill of materials.
US & EU Product Regulations
Mandatory safety standards, chemical restrictions, document & labeling requirements for electronics.
Sample Orders
How to buy private label samples, injection molds and custom designed prototypes.
Price Negotiation
How to reduce your purchasing price, without losing out on product quality.
Quality Control & Testing
Ensure that you don’t import defective or damaged products.
Payment methods, payment terms and how to avoid scams.
Shipping & Customs
How to prepare, book and manage all shipping and customs procedures in the USA and EU.

All the Tools Your Import Business Must Have
Online Advisor
Login and ask us any question about importing from Asia.
Task Lists
Follow the simple task lists to complete the entire importing process.
Document Templates
Sales Contract, NDA, Quality Checklists and much more
Video Walkthrough
Video series explaining supplier sourcing, sample orders and much more.

Supplier Check System
Get an automatically generated supplier report in PDF format.

Case Studies
Nothing explains theory better than real life examples.

Shipping Discount
Get US$50 off on your first shipment, and access to our shipping partners.

Quality Control Discount
Get US$50 off on your first quality control, and access to our QC partner.
Content Overview: This is Included in Your Buyer’s Guide Package