Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Trick Revealed

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Its for you if youre one of the huge number who have been asking me (more than once, how I did this)
And its for you if you like stupidly simple income streams which can be set up in 20-30 minutes without any learning, technical ability, hosting or pretty much anything else.

So heres the deal
As you may already know (if you have been following my posts). I wanted to get back to basics… to re-investigate something I did when I first started trying to make money online. I wanted to do this because I honestly remember what it is like to have everything fail… perhaps this is due to my age and the fact that I didnt start doing any of this until well into my 40s.
And maybe because of my age I also struggle with the tech side of things. Computers didnt exist when I was growing up lol and even today I like things to be as simple as possible…
You like it easy too right?

From the interest those few posts received its obvious that Im not alone in wanting things to be easier… and the reality is they can be.
Tech Dunce!

Im a tech dunce… yeah really I am. And today most of the methods online which teach or help people make money online are either very long winded or they require you to be super tech savvy… Balls to that I say.
About the Case Study & Method

Initially I did this for me, nobody else… and If Im honest I dont want too many people doing it either (for obvious reasons) but Im going to share it with a few of you.
The Method
#1. Find an offer (Im using ClickBank) following simple criteria
#2. Spy on what others are doing… I grab their best ads and keywords
#3. Send cheap paid traffic + Profit
So which ClickBank offers should you promote?

The best offers usually have a pain factor of some description… or they may be related to something a little unusual which some may not want to talk about or ask others about This is the kind of offer I have been promoting in the case study.


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