Cody Sperber – Fast Track Profit System (2016)

December 11, 2016

Cody Sperber – Fast Track Profit System (2016)
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Essentially, it is a system that has been created for people of all walks of life. It is filled with useful information about the ins and outs of successful real estate investments. It promises to be almost fool proof and includes a range of highly creative formulas that will allow anybody to become involved in the world of real estate.

This is something that really sets this system apart, as most other real estate investment programs are only suitable for those people who already have quite a lot of money available. This system is suitable for anybody regardless of their budget and regardless of their geographical location.

The system basically looks at a four square deal matrix. This looks at the four real estate investment types and what the ins and outs of each of these deals are.

By using tried and tested investment strategies looking at the four types of deals, you should be able to quickly build a very strong real estate investment portfolio.

In so doing, you will be able to have a regular form of income, as well as building up a nest egg for retirement, your children’s education or just for you to enjoy.

About Cody Sperber

cody sperberSo why should we trust the information in the package? Cody Sperber, the author, is known online as the ‘Clever Investor’.

He earned himself this name through his tremendous successes in real estate investment and through his educational programs on the subject. When he first started out, he had no money at all to his name.

However, it took him no time whatsoever to buy and sell millions of dollars’ worth of real estate, solely by using his own strategies. Sperber is a very famous marketer.

Prices and What You Get

The program itself is actually not all that new. It has an offline and online version, with the offline version currently costing $2,495. The online version is much cheaper at $995. Sometimes, however, a special offer is launched so you should be able to find it for a significantly reduced price.

The system works using just six steps, each of which is very easy to understand and perform. These are the exact steps that Sperber himself uses and that he has had unmeasurable successes with.

The course also comes with over 20 modules of video courses to teach you even more about what each step means and why it is so important. After watching the videos, you will be ready to get started and actually earn money as well.

The course has been designed to be accessible to anyone, from a beginner investor to a seasoned veteran. Beginners are given all the information they need to get started, and professional investors will learn a variety of new tools and strategies that they can use to improve their current work.

What I Liked about the Fast Track Profit System

It is filled with very easy to understand information so you won’t feel as if you need to take a course in real estate jargon before you even start.
Anyone can use it, regardless of previous experience, current bank balance and income or geographical location.
Cody Sperber is very well-known for the work that he has down and has excellent credentials.
It offers excellent value for money, particularly if you are able to find it somewhere at a discounted price, and if you buy the online version.
The system is not new and has gone through various tests since it was first launched. It has been shown to actually work, albeit with some people earning significantly more than others. However, it seems that everybody is actually able to earn money by implementing Sperber’s steps.

What I Didn’t Like about the Fast Track Profit System

In order for the system to work, you will have to make the effort and actually follow the steps that have been provided to you. This is not a get rich overnight scheme that requires no effort at all on your part.
It is not an autopilot that does all the work for you as soon as you have given it a few commands. You need to be ready to do some work.

The Final Verdict

Overall, the Fast Track Profit System really is an excellent system for those who want to earn money through real estate investments. It is a method that allows people to get into the game, even if they don’t yet have any significant capital to get started with.

As such, it is an opportunity for everybody to start earning a decent amount of money. The information is truly priceless and Cody Sperber is a very trustworthy author who clearly knows his stuff.

As the program has also been proven to work in a number of real life tests, I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who wants to secure their own financial future.


Module #1 Getting Started
Module #2 Marketing & Lead Generation
Module #3 Preparation, Analysis & Meeting
Motivated Sellers
Module #4 Property Acquisition
Module #5 Funding Your Deals
Module #6 Closing Your Deals

(Over 20 complete, easy-to-follow video & audio trainings)

Wholesaling – Make super quick checks with no money or credit needed!
Buy, Fix & Flip – Learn how to maximize profits while others do the work!
Creative Financing & Lease Options – Close deals other investors can’t!
Buy, Fix and Hold – Rent properties without headaches and build wealth!

Plus you are getting all forms and documents you
need to become a fully-functional real estate investor:

Legal Contracts
Goal Sheets
Business Plan

Property Intake Forms
Inspection Checklist
Deal Calculator
…and much much more!

Builds you a massive Cash Buyer List & Motivated Seller List on Autopilot!
Flip your properties faster leveraging the power of email, text and our proprietary direct-to-voice mail technology!
No more worrying about designers and programmers, all your websites, squeeze pages, email followups and more totally DONE FOR YOU!

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