Commission Drill

February 18, 2018

Name Product: Commission Drill
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Heres what youll get inside Commission Drill:

How to get approved by ANY CPA network (I give you the exact answers you need to give to their questions)

Youll never again feel intimidated because youre a ‘newbie. Now youll be on the same level playing field with top marketers

How to select CPA offers that convert not just now, but are long term ‘evergreen offers

Who wants to put in extra hours of work for the same money? Let me show you offers that gain you commissions, month in, month out with no extra work….so you can spend your time on things you WANT to do

How to create your first YouTube ad campaign for absolutely FREE.

I get it. Youre sick of spending money on tactics that dont work, and you dont want to lose more money. So try my simple tactics for free with absolutely no financial risk!

How to easily create a ClickBank account and find offers with unbelievable conversions

Again, Ill show you how to find products that are evergreen. In other words, a true ‘set and forget autopilot machine, so you can spend time with your loved ones, not glued to a laptop screen.

The easy way to create a YouTube ad account so simple, even a child can master this
Who wants to spend time learning technical jargon? Not me, and I bet, not you. Ill show you how to be and running in 10 minutes.

How to create a YouTube Ads Empire 2 simple, fast and powerful ways to making money from YouTube Ads

You dont need to waste time learning everything there is to know about YouTube. Ill show you the only 2 routes youll ever need on YouTube.

How to target specific YouTube viewers

This is the ‘secret sauce. You can only have crazy-high conversions when you are able to laser target the exact audience who would love your offers. Let me show you how, so youll never waste a cent on traffic that doesnt want to buy.

How to create a high converting funnel, including a landing page, thank you page and integration with autoresponder

Yes, you dont have to do any of this as you can make lucrative commissions without building a list….but for those who really want to ramp up their earnings (and live that ‘IM Lifestyle, this is for you!

How to ‘marry up the most profitable offer with each YouTube video ad to explode profits

You no longer have to fear spending money on traffic and sending them to the ‘wrong offer. Use my technique, and get it right, every single time. No money wasted.No time wasted.

Watch over my shoulder and simply copy and paste how to set up your first high converting ad campaign

This isnt a dreary, never-ending course packed full of theory.You will see me create a campaign in real time, send the traffic to my chosen offers, and watch the cash roll in. Copy……paste…….rinse……repeat!


How to use other peoples YouTube video and turn them into your own Ad video……legally!

Yup, you can take somebody elses hard work and use it to create affiliate commissions…….in other words, zero work for you.

What else would you like to do with your time, instead of editing videos, formatting, and all that other boring technical stuff?