Consulting Empire – Sabri Suby

August 24, 2018

Consulting Empire – Sabri Suby


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Here’s an actionable, step-by-step guide that I’ve condensed straight from the content of Consulting Empire so you can create your very own Godfather offer.
Step 1: Lay The Groundwork

In order to convert, your offer must be:

Clear and easy to understand – There should be no question as to what your audience is getting in return for their email/purchase/registration.
Value based – Your offer copy should be focused on how it will fill a need or solve a problem.
Concise – Keeping it short and to the point will drive more conversions.
Persuasive – If there ever was a place to bust out your salesperson chops, your offer is it.

Step 2: Add Bonuses

Add relevant bonuses or sweeteners to the offer. These should be highly desirable, but not essential to reaching the desired outcome—prospects simply need to want them.
Step 3: Stack The Value

Stack up the total value and benefits of everything in your offer into what we call, you guessed it, your “value stack.” That means tell them how much everything is worth, then paint a vivid picture with explanations of all the benefits to raise your offer’s perceived value.
Step 4: Reveal Your Price

Add the prices of everything you’re offering together to calculate the combined value, then reveal a price that’s much cheaper. Explain why the price is what it is, and why it is such a great value.
Step 5: Inject Scarcity

Offers without scarcity don’t sell as well. Think about it, if you don’t need to take action now, when will you take it? NEVER. But keep in mind, the scarcity needs to be genuine.

Examples of scarcity include:

Putting an expiration date on your offer
Flash sales
Countdown clocks
“Doors are closing”
“Only X left at this price”
“Buy before X to avoid a price hike”

Scarcity has been shown time and time again to skyrocket conversion rates. The best marketers use it because it works.
Step 6: Give a Powerful Guarantee

Remove, eliminate, reverse, or otherwise take out any perceived risks. A guarantee transfers the risk from the buyer to the seller. And that shows the buyer that if the product doesn’t deliver, they won’t lose their time or money, thus eliminating the pain of buying. Here’s a pro tip: the longer the guarantee, the fewer returns you’ll get. Whether it’s a no-risk, money-back guarantee or a promise to never share their information, guarantees remove the risk associated with your offer.
Step 7: Call to Action (CTA)

The call to action is a command. Be specific and tell them exactly what to do. Keep it clear and direct (your audience shouldn’t have to play 20 Questions to figure out what you want them to do). Ask them to do ONE thing. The more hoops you ask them to jump through, the more likely they’ll say “screw this” and leave.
Step 8: Add a Warning

Warn them against the consequence of what will happen if they don’t buy. Psychologically, people are often more motivated to move away from pain than towards pleasure. So “warning” them about what will happen if they don’t buy can increase conversions. It could be as simple as warning them about missing out on your service, not getting the best price, or even worse, their situation won’t improve and they will remain stuck with their problems.