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The Courageous Living Program is a 90-day program that teaches you how to stop being limited by hidden fears.
Using research-based strategies, the Courageous Living Program will guide you through how to.

Get clear-and excited!-about whats actually possible when you arent stuck in limiting thinking or old, fear-based habits
Identify the hidden fears, behaviors and belief systems that have sabotaged your past efforts to change
Prioritize what matters, most, and stick with it even when life throws challenges your way.

Whats it going to take, to let your life get really good?
That “rocking my priorities, totally capable of changing my life, trust + bright faith + knowing that Ill always find my way through” kind of good?
Thats how life feels, when youre fundamentally orienting from a place of courage. Youre grounded in your choices and your truth, priorities are clear, and youre not doubting, hesitating, or second-guessing yourself.

Heres what people have told me about why they chose to start the Courageous Living Program:
“Ive already done some personal work, but none of it was sticking. This is what finally helped me to make long-term change.”
“I was tired of realizing that another year had passed, and my life wasnt any different.”
“It was time to start my business, but first I needed to do something to get out of my own way, because otherwise the fear was going to win.”
“I love Brene Browns work. I was sick of sitting with shame, and I wanted to actually do something about it.”
“I know I dont need therapy, but I wanted to do deeper personal work.”

Any time Ive ever really followed my delight, its lead me somewhere really great and really interesting.whatever feels fun and delightful to you, is your intuition saying ‘YES!”
-Andrea Scher, from our Courageous Living Program interview
Andrea Scher

“Its helped me to stop ‘doing all the time and start ‘being, and ask myself what ‘being means to me.Ive really stepped up to take responsibility for my life and stop simply going through the motions.” -L.C.
“The questions you pose have spurred me on to explore how I can better use my time and talents. I value your gift for writing things how they are, for not glossing over issues and for challenging faulty thinking.” -J.B.C.
You dont need endless navel-gazing analysis or more vision board workshops; you need intelligent self-help.

This is the program for people who are truly ready for change-now.
This is the program for people who are sick of wasting time on doubt, hesitation, second-guessing, and inner critic anxiety.
This is the program for people who are tired of the endless stream of online courses and newsletters pulling your attention in fifty different directions.
This is the program for people who know that its time to seriously commit and get some serious results.
The Courageous Living Program takes a strategic and heart-centered approach to working with fear: lets root in your truest values and in making a difference, get clear on the internal self-talk that makes that challenging, and take pro-active steps to make changes.

I wont tell you to “think positive.” This is an intelligent and strategic approach to creating your courageous life, and youre charting the course-
-not the old fears,
-not what other people think,
-not the soul-sucking job,
-not the amount of money in your bank account.

Youre the one who created the life youve been living-and youll be the one creating your courageous life, now.
Courage isnt something you have; its what you choose to practice.
People who understand this quit hoping that life will be perfect, or endlessly signing up for more e-courses. People who practice courage know how to embrace problems or challenges without being thrown, and use everything as an opportunity for growth.
Their joy is more accessible, and their enthusiasm is irresistible. This is what it means to live 100% fully-alive.

Danielle LaPorteIts not about concentrating on why you have self-worth issues. Its about concentrating on your capacity to expand into more joy.”
-Danielle LaPorte, from the Courageous Living Program (interview included)
How the Program Works
Life Inventory. Assess your life-whats really working? Whats not? Going through this process will illuminate your strengths, shed light on chronic patterns, and spot opportunities for change.
Establishing a Primary Focus. Get focused and intentional. Your personal Primary Focus for the program is up to you. Every chapter, video seminar, and interview is designed to help you confront areas of challenge as you take action towards that focus.
Identifying and releasing patterns that drain energy. No more people-pleasing, being overwhelmed by emotions, or over-committing. Say “no” with healthy boundaries and prioritize your truest desires.
Youll actively be able to apply tools starting with the very first module. This is not about “positive thinking” or trying to visualize your way to a better life. This is about making real changes.

SARKThe goal is to be glad no matter what; thats the gladness in everything. Its a rich territory. Its practical gladness. If you really practice this, youll spend a lot of time in the marvelous, messy middle-outside of the extremes.”
-SARK, from our Courageous Living Program interview (included with the program!)
Marianne ElliottYou cant avoid ‘the stuff. It will show up in your world. The beauty of the conscious path is that you also get to be awake for all of the beautiful stuff, all that is joyful, everything that is loving, touching, and moving, and heart-filled. Either youre awake, and you get all of it, or youre switched off, and you get none of it”
-Marianne Elliott, from our CLP interview

Get topically-focused modules full of content, exercises, prompts, and practical/actionable tools that you can immediately implement;
an entire library of Kates video seminars, walking you through the process;
full-length interviews with Dr. Brene Brown, Chris Guillebeau, Danielle LaPorte, SARK, Cheri Huber, and more.
Courageous Living Program Interviews


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