Dave Dee DEEmail Profit System & Toolkit

March 16, 2018

Name Product: Dave Dee DEEmail Profit System & Toolkit
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Discover the secrets for writing emails that get opened, read, and acted on so you can mine the gold sitting in your business right now.

Dear Friend,

It used to be pretty simple. We had a choice of direct mail, display advertising, Yellow Pages and, for some, radio and television.

Today, we are bombarded new, “hot” marketing method almost daily. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google content network, Adwords, banner ads,

Linkedin, SEO, podcasting and on and on. Its enough to make even the most zen-entrepreneur pull their hair out by the roots.

Email is the ONLY marketing method thats ultra-easy to use, doesnt require you to pay an expensive expert to run, is nearly free, only takes minutes a day to

implement, and is 100% proven to get consistent results in the three key areas of business: converting leads to customers or appointments, retaining customers and

generating referrals.

The DEEmail Profit System & Toolkit
The Easiest, Fastest, Least Expensive Way To Make More Money

This program doesnt just show you how to write emails that get opened and acted upon, it gives you the tools to do it with. This means you can get started immediately.

Literally, the day after you get it.

Heres a sample of what youll discover:

An ultra-simple way to know what to write about Never sit at your computer with writers block again!
How to write subject lines that breakthrough inbox clutter and get YOUR emails opened. Discover the seven most effective types of subject lines with examples of each.
My simple email writing system. This is the roadmap to the inner workings of my mind when it comes to writing profit-producing emails. Follow this system and youll

easily bang out emails that produce profits every time.
The six different types of emails you should be sending. (Remember: The number one marketing sin is being boring use a combination of these types of emails and your

subscribers will always be engaged.)
A big secret for doubling your sales. (Yes, you can accomplish that with email if you heed my simple suggestion.)
The huge mistake entrepreneurs when writing emails that kills their results. (You probably think doing this is helping but its destroying your profits instead.)
An easy to follow, 3-step system for making your emails entertaining even if your topic is as boring a pile of dirt. (Important: Entertaining emails are the key to your

How to five times the effectiveness of every email. (Hint: You can repurpose your emails to get more bang for your buck. Its easy and I show you how.