David Siteman Garland – Grow Your Email List Like A Freakin’ Weed

June 1, 2017

David Siteman Garland – Grow Your Email List Like A Freakin’ Weed
Sale Page: http://unsettle.org/how-to-create-an-opt-in-offer-to-grow-your-email-list-like-a-weed/

Price: $217

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Here is what you will learn at the “Grow Your Email List Like A Freakin’ Weed” Workshop (one big jam-packed session of awesomeness):


How to construct the perfect lead magnet + landing page

The top 3 mistakes to avoid when crafting the perfect lead magnet
Anatomy of the opt-in page: six examples that convert like CRAZY
Techno-fun: the easiest software to use to build your email list + get sellin’

How to use Amazon to grow your list (for free)

How Amazon sends Nick hundreds – sometimes thousands – of customers per month (without me spending a penny)
Why you don’t need to write a book from scratch to be published on Amazon
How to break into your corner of the market and become a credible authority (without needing a PhD)

How to get featured on the top blogs in your niche and get those readers onto your mailing list

Why ‘just write a blog’ is terrible advice – and what you should do instead
How to leverage the audience of famous folks in your niche (without being pushy)
Use this approach to build a network of superheroes to promote your content and landing pages

How to use Giveaways to explode your mailing list

How Nick found 16,000 new subscribers in just a few months with this strategy
The top 3 mistakes to avoid – and what to do instead
Techno-fun part deux: what software to use to supercharge your results

How to use private Facebook groups to build buzz and engagement

Got a launch coming up? Here’s how to whip up your audience into a buying frenzy (and have them begging for you to launch the damn thing already)


Whirlwind tour of Facebook ads – how to get profitable leads and scale

How to find your audience using laser-guided death-star accuracy
How to track your audience and measure your results
The exact ad campaign Nick uses to bring in triple-digit ROI daily (steal this approach)

INSTANT BONUS (you get this one as soon as you sign up!) The Ultimate Video Guide To Lead Magnets & Landing Pages

Yup this one is ready for you right now Nick’s video is bursting of tips and tricks for you to create the perfect lead magnet and landing page

Cheat Sheet

All the action steps from the full session + tools

Anatomy of a Landing Page

Graphics of the best landing pages / lead magnets and arrows pointing at what + why it works

Pitch Worksheet

How to narrow down and pitch the big names in your niche