Daytime Movement and Direction Workshop – Vincent Lorafet (MZed Course)

October 3, 2018

Daytime Movement and Direction Workshop – Vincent Lorafet (MZed Course) | Size: 7 GB


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One of the most important skills modern directors and DPs are required to master is moving the camera in a dynamic and engaging fashion. Commercial Director and Pulitzer-Prize winning Photographer Vincent Laforet teaches filmmakers of all levels the precise cinematic language of motion, and how to move not only the camera itself, but also the components in your scene in order to bring a richer viewing experience while enhancing the story. This course will give you a solid foundation in camera movement, blocking, lensing, and sequencing, and show you how to direct any crew precisely and effectively to execute your vision.

Vincent Laforet is among the most influential pioneers working in film and contemporary photography today. His work includes iconic and inventive commercials for brands including Apple and Nike, as well as photography for magazines such as National Geographic, Vanity Fair, and Sports Illustrated.