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February 18, 2018

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More Clients Every Month is the step-by-step implementation program that shows you how to start and grow a wildly profitable online service-based business.
.even if you dont have an idea.

.even if you dont have that much extra time.

And youll see how to do it even if you know NOTHING about “online business.”

The best part?

You do not need to create a blog or a fancy website.
You do not need to build a big email list.
You do not need to spend months (or years) manufacturing a product.
Over the course of 6 weeks, Ill walk you through everything you need to know about starting and scaling a service based business.

More specifically.

In week 1, Ill walk you through how to find an idea for your service-based business. And then Ill walk you through everything you need to do to land your first client.
Its simple. I give you every step you must take to land your first client. I show you what to say, what to offer, how much to charge, and how to persuade them to give you a HECK YES to working with you.
In week 2, Ill show you exactly what you need to do to turn prospects into paying clients.
Most people who get started hate the whole idea of “selling themselves.” And thats because they approach selling the wrong way.
Instead, Ill walk you through a simple process where you just have a simple conversation with a prospect over email or phone. This conversation isnt a sales conversation. Its an opportunity to see if you can help your potential client. If you can help, you offer to help. If you cant, you politely let them know that, too.
This module is important for new business owners and experienced business owners because Ill show you how to create what I call a “Conversation Map.” This “Conversation Map” is essentially a word-for-word script you can use to conduct prospect conversations. You can use this map yourself. Or you can simply outsource it to a virtual assistant and they can do the work for you.
In week 3, Ill let you focus on implementation. By this point, I believe youll have everything you need to land your first few clients. It will take time and work, of course. But you know that. And thats why Ill provide you with extra training during this week that helps you do it.
In week 4, Ill introduce you to Module 3. This is the module you need when youre ready to start getting more clients. fast.
Ill show you all the different strategies you can use to find more clients in record time. If you want to attract more referrals, Ill show you how to do that. If you want to reach out to people cold, Ill show you how to do that. If you want to network in person to land clients, Ill show you how to do that. If you want to set up a simple 4-page website for client acquisition, Ill show you how to do that, too. Youll get everything you need to start getting more clients today.
In week 5, Ill introduce you to Module 4. This is the scale and automation module. Youll see how you can start scaling your business through the power of automation.
By this point, youll know everything you need to know about client acquisition, but now Ill show you how to automate it. Youll see Facebook Ad strategies. Youll see other tactics for packaging high-value, premium offers. Youll learn how to strategically offer your existing clients more value by adding additional services. And most important: Ill talk about outsourcing, one of the biggest things people need to learn when they scale their service business.
In week 6, Ill wrap the course up by providing you with other advanced tactics and strategies that can help you on your entire service-based business journey.
This course helps you start and scale a service-based business from scratch.
Now let me walk you through, in detail,
exactly what to expect inside this training program
Module 1: How to Start Your Service Business Right
Ill show you how to start and grow your service business, whether you already have clients, have an idea, or if youre starting from zero.
There are 5 lucrative service business models you can use. These models will show you how to package and sell your services. Choose which model is right for you, and start making money ASAP.
I believe EVERYONE has a service idea within them -they just need help finding it. Ill show you how to find a PROFITABLE idea based on something youre already good at and that youre actually passionate about.
Most service businesses fail because they have an “offer problem.” Meaning: They dont know what theyre actually selling or trying to sell a service people dont want to pay for. Thats why you need what I call “Offer Clarity,” and Ill show you a simple, 3-step process to get there.
Learn about the 3 phases of attracting clients to your service business (and how to attract the right clients no matter what stage youre in).
Discover the power of the “Open Sesame” Introduction to get your foot in the door whether its your first client, your next client, or that DREAM client youve always wanted to work with.
Why a “Ground Zero Case Study” is the #1 sales tool to sell any service. Ill show you what it is, why you need it, and how to get yours FAST.

Module 2: How to Sell Your Service. When You Know Nothing About Selling
Youre good at what you do. But maybe youre not a “natural” at selling. No problem.
Worried about feeling too pushy or salesy when you sell your services? Ill share a natural but effective way of selling your services without the sleaze.
The 3-step process you can use to consistently turn more prospects into clients. Mastering these 3 steps is the difference between an empty calendar and being fully booked.
The simple mindset shift you need to convert more clients and charge what youre worth.
The 4 phases of a “Discovery Call:” how to introduce yourself, determine if a prospect is a good fit, pitch your services, and close the deal (including proven fill-in-the-blanks scripts you can use and make your own).
Ever struggle to close the deal? Ill show you how to present your offer as a win-win situation for both you and your client. Ill also share 3 methods for closing clients. So, youll be prepared no matter what situation youre in.
How to resolve the most common objections people have about investing in your services. So, youll know what to do when a prospect says, “Now isnt the right time” or “Its just too expensive.”

Module 3: How to Organically Attract More Clients Every Month
Module 3 is all about attracting MORE clients for your service business. Online AND offline. WITHOUT spending a bunch of money.

People think they need a fancy website to “look credible.” But a beautiful design is one of the LAST things you need. Ill show you why a simple, 4-page website is all you need (as long as you include THIS on your page).
Do you have your eyes set on a DREAM client? Someone you REALLY want to work with. But it seems like theyre out of your reach? Ill show you how to reach out to those high-value, prestigious “dream” clients and actually win them as a client.

Most people dont like going to networking events. Why? Because most people dont like a pitch-fest. And guess what! No one wants to hear your elevator pitch either. But there IS a better way to talk about what you do. The best part? It gets people ASKING you for more information.

Learn how to forge SMART strategic partnerships with other sevice providers in your niche. and get a steady stream of ready-to-buy, new clients on autopilot.

Client referrals can be a massive source of new clients. In fact, referrals alone can sustain and grow a very profitable service business. The question is: How do you encourage referrals? Should you give an incentive? Does your work speak for itself? Ill answer those questions and help you maximize your referral business.

And even more ways to get more clients, like speaking, events, a low-effort blogging strategy, and more.

Module 4: How to Automate and Scale Your Service Business
There are only 24 hours in a day. And theres only ONE of you. So how do you increase your revenue when youre already fully booked?

Learn how to stop micromanaging low-value projects. Instead, you can start to focus on making MORE money by working with higher-value clients. Its time to get paid what youre worth!
Ah, the beauty of recurring revenue! In lesson 2 of Module 4, Ill show you what it takes to generate recurring revenue from clients that pay you every month.

Finding new prospects AND doing client work takes time. Thats why Ill share a simple, scalable Facebook Ads funnel that can help you generate a steady stream of new prospects. That way you can either focus on client work OR scale up your business faster.

Whens the right time to hire other people to do the work for you? This can be very profitable if you do it right. But it can be very costly if you do it wrong. Ill share the best-practices for outsourcing (along with a horror-story of what NOT to do).

FACT: Its often easier to sell more to an existing client than to get a new client. Thats why well cover up-sells and adding other offerings to your business. Ill help figure out what to sell and give you an advanced tactic for selling it.