Double The Growth Of Your Creative and Brand Agency Today

March 3, 2017

Double The Growth Of Your Creative and Brand Agency Today
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Course Description
Here is my bold promise:

By the end of this course I will:

Increase your lead generation effectiveness by 37%
Decrease the time taken to make the sale by 14%
Grow your profit per job by 10%
I’m not joking.

Hi my name’s Deepak and I am a man that walk’s the talk:

If you’re a creative business owner’s that really does care about building your business I created this short course with you in mind.

Because it is fair to say that the way you’re working right now. Isn’t working. Is it?

So. Here’s how this course will help you:

I will show you how to do grown in 60-200 SECOND VIDEOS that are ridiculously easy to follow and implement.

There’s no charge for this course and you can get through it in less than 30 minutes; and walk away with a process that could land you more than £10,000+ in new lead generation.

And of course – you’re not in the business of marketing. But you know you need to market. And that Facebook Update you post 1x a week isn’t quite working out how you planned is it?

The coffee shop meetings, the email follow up’s, the rescheduled appointment, the ‘lack of budget’ or ‘call back in a few months’ are lies.

To them. You just sound the same as all the other guys. They don’t care about your product. Yet.

I will change that for you through this course.

At the end of this course here’s what I expect will happen for you and your business; if you can follow the ‘no-brainer’ steps involved:

You will start seeing conversions on your website after I show you how sh*te your current copywriting is
You will begin pimping your personal brand to the extent that INBOUND lead generation starts coming in
Your audience are going to go click-mad because of the Image List Building Strategies I will suggest

You’re going to be MUCH MUCH better than the other guys.

Frankly. I’m going to give you the same level of advice that other gurus will take 3 weeks to give you. I’m just going to do that in 30 minutes.

Let’s GO!

What are the requirements?
Be a Creative Agency Owner or a Freelancer in a Creative Field
In the process of starting to marketing their services
What am I going to get from this course?
Write Their Sales Copy Much More Effectively
Build out their Social Media channels
Create Conversion Ready Images Across Their Social
Begin Building Their Personal Brand
Who is the target audience?
Already have some understanding of marketing themselves
Are doing typical reaching personal network outreach and need to do more
Intermediate understanding of marketing