Dustin Hoffman MasterClass

February 18, 2018

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Dustins Method
Dustins approach to acting is unique. In this lesson, he reveals the principles of his method and how to start implementing it.
Working with a Co-Star: Jerry Maguire Scene Work Part 1
Dustin has had famous on-screen chemistry with the likes of Robert Redford, Tom Cruise and Meryl Streep. Watch as he teaches two strangers to build an instant bond on set, and then asks you to try the same Jerry Maguire scene with a fellow student.
Relating to Your Character: Jerry Maguire Scene Work Part 2
Relating to your character is crucial to a great performance. Dustin teaches you how to read through the lines to add emotion and depth to your role.
Managing Your Nerves: Jerry Maguire Scene Work Part 3
Every good actor gets nervous, even Dustin. Vulnerability is key to bringing depth to a performance. Heres how to use your fears to get deeper into character.
Performing Honestly: Jerry Maguire Scene Work Part 4
Uncover and access the deepest layers of your personality so you can stop pretending and start being your character.
Critiquing Yourself: Jerry Maguire Scene Work Part 5
Dustin is his own harshest critic, even when the director is happy and the audience loves him. Learn how he finds ways to question, critique and improve his perfomance.
What I Learned in Acting Class
Dustin learned from the most prominent acting teachers of his day, including Lee Strasberg hear the tips and stories that stuck with him.

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