Duston McGroarty – Affiliate Ground Zero

May 2, 2020

Duston McGroarty – Affiliate Ground Zero | 19.02 GB


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“Now You Can Get Step-By-Step Coaching To Help You
Create and Launch Your Affiliate Website FROM SCRATCH… in JUST 30 DAYS…

…Regardless of Your Prior Experience!”

From: Duston McGroarty
Where: Dripping Springs, TX

If I lost everything, THIS is what I would do. I mean everything.

No email list. No existing traffic streams. No social media following.

No clout with anyone in the business. No products to sell. No audience of any kind to sell to.

No websites already built. Nothing.

If I woke up tomorrow with nothing… how would I get back on my feet ASAP?

In not so many words, I had a subscriber ask me this question recently. I started and stopped my reply to them no less than five times.

It stumped me. It’s a great question. I’m so thankful they asked too. I often forget how much I struggled when I first got started.

We tend to complicate things in our mind to a point that we freeze. We think we need to create our product. We need upsells. We need downsells.

Complicated, automated funnels with automated emails. Massive ad budgets, split-testing and tracking software.

And the list goes on and on.

However, when asked this question last week, it made me stop and think about all that crap I mentioned above.

If I had nothing… wiped clean of everything… and let’s say my goal was to build a $10k/mo business as fast as possible…

Using Only ONE of These Free Traffic Strategies. Could Get You Up and Over $10k/Month With Ease. Pick the one that sounds the best to YOU.

Alright, this letter has gotten REALLY long. I apologize for that. I just want you to know what it is you’re signing up for.

Hopefully it’s crystal clear now.

In reality, I’m taking you by the hand and we’re building your very own $10k/mo business together.

I’ll be there every step of the way. Every day with your lesson and your homework. And, every day to hold you accountable.

That’s honestly what you need the MOST. Someone to make sure you’re doing what’s expected of you every single day.

Until that last day. When you can step back and be proud of what you’ve created.

Time is of the essence though.

Once I close the doors on this, they’re closed for good. The nature of this unique event won’t allow me to add anyone once we’ve started.

It’s possible that I might have to cap this offer to ensure I can provide everyone with one-on-one attention as needed. Just keep that in mind.

What about costs involved?

Remember, this is what I would do if I lost everything. I’m approaching this entire event with this mindset.