Email Follow-Up Machine – Ryan Deiss

August 19, 2018

Email Follow-Up Machine – Ryan Deiss


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Workshop Preview

The Anatomy of a Powerhouse Automated Email Follow-up Series

In this video, Richard Lindner discusses the importance of a Conversion Email Series and the qualities possessed by every successful conversion series (“successful” being the operative word ?)

Workshop Breakdown

Step 1:

Follow-up Marketing: 101

Learn the core concepts of follow-up marketing by looking at prime examples of email subject lines, the three types of emails every successful business is using, and the two types of email send types you should be utilizing in your own follow-up campaigns

Step 2:

Crafting Your Indoctrination Campaign

We’ll walk you through a 10-step plan for quickly rolling out an email Indoctrination campaign (Welcome Series) that aligns your brand with your new subscriber and makes a strong first impression…

Because that’s exactly what the Indoctrination Series is… it’s your ONE and only shot to make a strong first impression, connect with your new subscriber and stand out in their mind (AND THEIR INBOX).

Step 3:

Crafting Your Conversion Campaign

We take you, step-by-step, through the entire process of building a conversion campaign that overcomes objections and common misconceptions associated with your products. Basically, we show you how to take those new leads and convert them to buyers.

Step 4:

BONUS: Bolt-On Series Stacking

So what happens when a subscriber makes it through the initial campaign without converting?

Use our 4 “Bolt-on” templates to extend your conversion campaign for the original offer OR redirect stubborn subscribers to a new, relevant offer.