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February 18, 2018

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1) Affiliate Campaigns all DIE! You pick an offer, create a landing page to put in front of it, test until it converts, then it does, and then it doesnt.

Then you have to start all of over again with a new lander, new ads, new offers, etc.

Theres no stability. You can make big money, have great paydays, but you wont have reliable income. At a moments notice it can go away.

2) Blogging is slow and unstable You create a blog, you do SEO, guest posts, build fan pages, write content, fill your site with ads, and hope people click them. Now, it can work great when complimented with a responsive list but without one youre at the mercy of google, Facebook, your ad budget, and peoples memory(i.e. them remembering to comeback to your blog). Not very reliable.

3) Offline Consulting/Freelancing You mail letters, cold call, go to conferences, join freelancers, all hoping someone hires you. You might as well be sending in applications for a 9 to 5. Youre at someone elses behest. No matter how much you structure freedom into your business you are still subject to someone. Your business is never truly 100% in your control because your income is dependent on someone saying “Yes” to you.

4) Product launches You have to kiss a ton of affiliate butt, you have to give away at least HALF of your earnings, and you build a list of impulse buyers. Now, if youve mastered building responsive lists you can use this as a launching pad for your list but if you havent you end up with what most product launchers have which is large lists that open emails at less than 10%. Theres nothing sadder than a large, useless list.

5) Adsense Last but not least the dream of passive income. Well, that income is 100% reliant upon Googles ever changing rules. Literally EVER YEAR theres 100s of new sob stories of marketers who built passive income adsense empires only to have it abruptly taken away from them with no explanation. As a side income this is great but to rely on it as your main source of income is proven to be idiotic.