Erik Luhrs – Subconscious Lead Generation Message Mastery Program

July 5, 2017

Erik Luhrs – Subconscious Lead Generation Message Mastery Program
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Now You can Create Messages that get the Attention of Your Perfect Prospects, Make Them See You as the Best Choice to Help Them with Their Need, and get Them to Respond so You can Finally Sell Them Something!

Video #1 – Creating headlines and Subject Lines that get Prospects to Read, Listen to or Watch Your Message!

Your headline or subject line only has one job: Get the prospect to engage the message! But your prospect is CONSTANTLY being bombarded with messages, so you need to break through that noise. In this video you will learn to create headlines and subject lines that go straight to the subconscious drivers of your prospect so they engage your message.

Video #2 – Creating Doubt in Your Prospect With Your Lead Generation Message!

Studies prove that the average buyer is 60% of the way through their buying process BEFORE they contact a vendor. By the time they call you they are usually price shopping. Your only hope is to make them doubt what they think they know about their problems and the necessary solutions. We show you how in this video.

Video #3 – Creating Buying Triggers With Your Lead Generation Message!

There are many folks who wait for “trigger events” before they will reach out to a prospect. The problem is that every competitor knows about the event as well! So you become just another sales pitch in a sea of sales pitches. In this video we show you how to CREATE a trigger event in the mind of your prospect, so you’re the only one that can help them!

Video #4 – Creating Calls to Action that Really Create Action!

“For more information” or “To learn more” aren’t calls to ACTION. They are calls to ‘think about it.’ If you want your prospects to ACT and respond to your message then your call to action has to INCITE a response. Learn how to flip the subconscious dials that make people take action in this video.

The Program Includes:

– 4 Video Training Sessions
– 4 Mind Map Templates, one for each video
– 30 Minute One on One Session with Erik Luhrs

EVERYTHING you need to know!

Here’s a taste of what what you’ll LEARN in our exclusive program…

– Why the narrower your focus the stronger your prospect’s DESIRE will become!
– How to access and use Level 5 Pains to bypass your prospect’s resistance!
– How to use a NAME to instantly make your prospects shut up about price!
– The little known process of Event Stacking that makes FUTURE issues important right now!
– How to balance “the carrot and the stick” to drive the responses you want from your audience!
– Why you always want to hit your prospect with a ‘Body Blow!’