Expert Graphics Videos

September 22, 2018

Expert Graphics Videos: Videos, PDFs | Size: 4.9 GB


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Grab The Private Label Rights To 15 Brand New On-Screen, Step-By-Step Expert Graphics Videos
Make 100% Profits Reselling, Rebrand As Your Own, Use As Bonus, Use For Lead Gen, And More…
The Shortcut To Creating A Six Figures Per Year And Above Income Stream…

If you had been marketing online for at least a few months, then you’ve probably figured by now that one of the best ways to create a reliable stream of income online is to have your own products.

With your own product, you can:

Sell at any price you want
Build your own brand
Have flexible control over the sales funnel, and
Start your own affiliate program and recruit other people to promote you (which means, you can make even more money leveraging on an army of affiliates!)

That’s why I love selling information or digital-based products. They are virtual in nature, which means I can sell an UNLIMITED number of copies and keep my profit margins high!

But There Is A Problem. A BIG Problem…

Of course, this is easier said than done.

Firstly, you need to create the product itself. Not everyone is cut out for this. Even if you have the skill, is it wise to spend days, weeks… maybe months of hard work just creating your product?

Many of the marketing experts you know outsource their product creation to someone else.

This is a smart move — it’s just that it is costly too.

Not everyone has thousands of dollars laying around.

Worse, if you neglect to do your research you might end up creating a product NOBODY wants!

That’s Not All…

You have to write copy…

You have to design your own marketing materials…

You have to make your own follow-up sequence…

… The list goes on.

No wonder most people take forever to get started!
How Would You Like Us To Help You Overcome All These Hurdles – Instantly?

Hey it’s Edmund here. I’ve been making a living online selling information products and software since 2005.

Joining me is June Ashley, a successful Graphics marketer and my partner in this project.

It is her success in creating a six-figure per year business selling Graphics and demand for this skill that inspired the creation of these videos.
Component #1: 15 High Quality, On-Screen Video Tutorials
Component 2: Audio MP3 Set
Component #3: Professional Sales Page & Thank You Page
Component #4: Professional Sales Video Ready To Go
Component #5: Instant Graphics Bundle Done For You
Component 6: Instant Landing Page
Component 7: Give Away Freebie with Private Label Rights
Component #8: Private Label Rights License