Facebook Live Mastery 6 Great Bonuses Only

February 18, 2018

Name Product: Facebook Live Mastery 6 Great Bonuses Only
Sale Page: https://special.fblmastery.com/

Price: $35.95

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How New Entrepreneurs Are Killing It With No Website, No List and Totally Free Software…
Create Engaging TV Quality Facebook Lives That Convert Viewers Into Buyers.

Dear Entrepreneur,

My name is Mikey Formby and if you dont know me I have been an internet marketer since 2011. Im also a 6 figure per year affiliate marketer & mentor…

One thing I discovered early on in my career and one of my key takeaways is that getting on camera & connecting with your audience helps you build your authority and engagement faster!

What may surprise you is that I have a TINY list and a small Facebook group… in fact one of the smallest in the industry…
I Regularly Beat Affiliates
With Lists 20 Times The Size… How?

The short answer is Video Engagement Im an average joe who jumps on and I talk to people on camera. I put a face to my brand and this helps to connect with my audience.

When they see my videos they remember me and what I do. This lets me stand out from the crowd and also increases my engagement..

Now I know exactly what youre thinking…