Gerald Kein – Seven Powerful Keys to Direct Suggestion Success

November 10, 2016

Gerald Kein – Seven Powerful Keys to Direct Suggestion Success
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Seven Powerful Keys To Direct Suggestion Success

In this very powerful training, you will learn the techniques necessary in order to make direct suggestions powerful, transformational and permanent in the very first session! You will learn the art of using disguised hypnosis in the initial pre-talk, the powerful use of both trance and waking compounding along with an extremely effective direct drive technique which enables instant embedding and activation of your suggestions.

A great direct suggestion hypnosis session does not consist of doing one or two large things right but by doing many little things correctly.

This Program Will Teach You

How to do a powerful Pre-talk.
How to use the direct drive effect for maximum suggestion implanting.
How to read and compound patter scripts.
The importance of an emotive summation.
How to compound primary suggestions during emerging
How to use post-hypnotic powerful waking suggestions for maximum effect.

Plus Much More!

If you want to learn how to become one of the very best in using direct suggestion hypnotism in your practice,
this program will show you step by step exactly how to make this your reality!

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