Gray Institute – June -September 2016 Collection

August 10, 2017

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Gray Institute offers functional training for physical therapists and fitness professionals. Learn more through our extensive courses and video library!
The history and application of Applied Functional Science. From the origin of AFS, to the sciences behind the process, to the application of technique.

Applied Functional Science® (AFS) Nomenclature
Movement Variables / Tweakology
The Need for AFS Nomenclature
The Need for AFS Nomenclature – Practical Example
Vertical Logic
Manipulation to Environment
Beginning Position
Beginning Position – Upright
Beginning Position – Kneeling
Beginning Position – Sitting
Beginning Position – Prone
Beginning Position – Supine
Beginning Position – Side-Lying
Intro to SFT Syntax
SFT Syntax
Tripost – Upright
Tripost – Kneeling
Tripost – Sitting
Tripost – Prone
Tripost – Supine
Tripost – Side-Lying
Manipulation to Beginning Position
Manipulation to Beginning Position – Joints / Body Parts
Triangulation – Angulational Coordinate
Triangulation – Vertical Coordinate
Triangulation – Horizontal Coordinate
Rule of Self-Selection
Action – Hands
Action – Feet
Action – Pelvis
Action – Locomotor
Manipulation to Action
Manipulation to Action – Joints / Body Parts
Ending Position
Manipulation to Ending Position
Multiple Actions & Connector Terms
Multiple Actions & Connector Terms – Examples
Vertical Logic to Horizontal Display

Applied Functional Health: A Whole Look at Function
The Right Solution Requires the Right Problem
The Battle at the Dorsal Horn: Treating Chronic Pain with Movement
Run Pelvis Run: Exploring the Amazing Synergy of Muscle Function in Running
Accepting Fear: Principle-Centered Strategies of Detachment
The Total Knee Patient and Stairs: Left Knee, Right Knee and NO HI-Knee
There’s No Place Like Home
AFS Environmentalism: Creating a Global HEART Warming
The Foot and the Body – The Body and the Foot: Predictable Deficits
Sphere of Flexibility: With Three Points of Attachment
Open Water Swimming
Parkinson’s Patient: Fighting Back with Exercise
Transactional vs. Transformational Rehab: The Power of Chain Reaction Healthcare
Move Now or Forever Rest in Peace
The Power of KNW
Play-It-Forward® in the Community
Fault-Finding is Easy: Let’s Start with What’s Right
3D Prehab