Greg Capra – Pristine Stock Trading Method

October 3, 2018

Greg Capra – Pristine Stock Trading Method: Videos, PDFs | Size: 4.6 GB


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Run time: 88 min. Successful intra-day trading is a fineart – and Greg Capra is a master of the game. Now, Capra shares hispersonal secrets for prospering in this high-intensity arena.Displaying confidence, discipline and patience — the 3characteristics of winning traders — Capra’s workshop comescomplete with an Online Support Manual. Greg’s methodical approachshows how pooling an array of indicators can create a single -profitable – trading protocol that can be used to make dynamitetrades, again and again.

Capra’s key points include …

3 fundamental forms of intra-day trading
Can YOU do it? The psychological demands of intra-daytrading
Trading for wealth, trading for income – when to do which
Working with charts – 5 & 15 min. patterns
Understanding how volatility patterns impact your tradingselection
The “tick indicator” as a key timing tool

Moving averages, risk limits through relative strength analysis,and targeting small, consistent gains with minimum dollar risk -Capra’s comprehensive presentation covers all the essentials neededto achieve intra-day trading mastery. On it’s own – or combinedwith the full Pristine. com library of video courses — everyshort-term trader should watch and learn from this video.

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