How to Analyze Multifamily Investment Opportunities

March 16, 2018

Name Product: How to Analyze Multifamily Investment Opportunities
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You will learn professional methods and investment valuation, valuation models and analysis, multi-family homes, investment contracts and
to think of investing in multi-family houses, apartments, but not until the end, how?
We will display our professional experience, offers professional services of investment models to help you find the winners. $ $ $ IS A COURSE FOR ADVANCED STUDENTS.
This course continues the knowledge of the reasons for the real estate investment.
We take a basis of discounted cash flows method. $ $ $ You have knowledge on the internal rate of return, rate of return, capitalization, etc…
$ If you do not have any of the programs that are running in the background with the Introduction of the investment in real estate and take the first.
In this course, is:
, as the market analysis at the regional level, and motor sports.
Therefore, the Financial analysis for the homes for investment.
How to analyze and verify sources of income
how to analyze the costs
, as in the case of investments
valuation rent roll of
to create a profile of tenant
the principal elements of the negotiations on the contract of purchase and sale,
what is the gross income multiplier and how to use that
an overview of the main indicators of investment in multi-connection.
The due Diligence