IMMRAMA Complete Brainwave Entrainment Set

May 4, 2018

IMMRAMA Complete Brainwave Entrainment Set Download


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1. 10 min light relaxation track
2. Dreamwalk Program (For lucid dreaming entrainment)
3. Focus Program (ADHD, ADD, Focus, Work, Study)
4. Immrama Institute Holiday 2013 Bonus Tracks
5. Immrama Institute Holiday Bonus (Other)
6. Infinity Program with Ocean Waves (Creativity, Intuition)
7. Insight Program with Gentle Rain (Insights, Clarity, Manifestation)
8. Serenity Sleep System (Program For Better Sleep)

The Immrama Institute produces brainwave technology that balances brain hemispheres, promoting the bond of mind to Heart.

Research have proven the center transmits a lot more information towards the brain compared to brain transmits towards the Heart.

A well-balanced mental abilities are an infinitely better receiver of signals in the intelligent Heart.

Balanced brain hemispheres will get and process signals in the atmosphere and also the Heart, creating an infinitely more balanced and comprehensive look at the real life.

There are lots of providers of brainwave technology available, why did I select Immrama to become a Featured Partner of Metaphysics For Existence? This is an interesting story!

A couple of years back I had been attending a lecture in the Metaphysical Library in Ashland, Or. The lecturer was well-known for his research and use medicinal mushrooms. He seemed to be very well noted for his books on metaphysics and spirituality.

Somewhere within the conversation the subject of brainwave entrainment and technology emerged. As it turned out, this highly intelligent and skilled investigator and author had attempted several brainwave products (when i have) and found exactly the same conclusion which i did – Immrama is definitely the quickest, most effective, and many effective brainwave technology presently available.

Additionally, it is actually probably the most affordable, that is a nice plus.

After while using Immrama Insight CD for many several weeks, I required a web-based balanced brain hemisphere make sure discovered that my hemispheres were perfectly balanced!

While using CD’s is enjoyable and simple to complete. Irrrve never hesitate to recommend Immrama Institute to anybody seeking health, emotional wellness, elevated productivity and gratifaction, and spriritual awakening.