Infinite prosperity pack (2018)

July 8, 2018

Infinite prosperity pack (2018)
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This video course is composed of ten videos and several bonuses. With this complete course you will learn how to manifest money in a gracious and effortless manner.

This course will teach you how to use your most powerful tool, your mind, to create images to bring about prosperity. This course will explain how gratitude, generosity and affirmations can make your life more prosperous. In this course it will also be explained how the Universe supports you in all your financial endeavours. Other relevant topics you will learn in this wonderful video course are: emotional management, energy cleansing, goal-setting for prosperity, among others.

Video 1: How to apply the Law of Attraction

Video 2: How to develop prosperity beliefs

Video 3 : How to apply positive thinking

Video 4: How to use affirmations effectively

Video 5: How to visualise a prosperous future

Video 6: How to develop a generosity attitude

Video 7: How to become a more grateful person

Video 8: How to manage your emotions effectively

Video 9: How to become more intuitive

Video 10: How to eliminate energy blockages

Plus several bonuses such as:

Bonus Video 1: How to set prosperity goals

Bonus video 2:Other prosperity tools

Recording 1: Meditation on generosity, forgiveness and unconditional love

Recording 2: Meditation on prosperity visualization

Recording 3: Meditation on prosperity affirmations