(iStack Training) Ecommerce Mastery Live Barcelona

November 15, 2018

(iStack Training) Ecommerce Mastery Live Barcelona | 9.24 GB


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Tactics to 10x Your Business

Ecommerce Mastery Live (ECML) is an offshoot of the iStack Training’s wildly successful Facebook Ads event, Facebook Mastery Live.

In Barcelona we’re laser focusing on Ecommerce by preparing a whole day of leading-edge, directly applicable, high level training for ecommerce entrepreneurs.

Whether you’re building a drop shipping store, a high performance brand, or a standalone Facebook campaign for a CPA product, ECML will provide you with dozens of tips, strategies and tactics that can 10X your business.

This full day training event brings together some of the world’s top ecommerce minds, like Mohamed Ali Aguel, Steve and Evan Tan, Nick Peroni, Tim Burd and many others. Each speaker will bring their unique perspective on building ecommerce businesses, touching on topics like product research, product selection, outsourcing, warehousing, fulfillment, funnels, upsales, influencer strategies, Facebook Ads, Native Ads, affiliate growth strategies, and LOTS more.

Ecommerce represents the opportunity of a generation. Meet us in Barcelona to learn the secrets of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and marketers.
Meet the presenters

We’ve gathered some of the top marketers in our world. Each is thrilled to be sharing knowledge and helping you grow your business.


Build a Store
Product Reseach

How to choose and test the best products
Advanced Fulfillment

Fulfillment strategies that scale
Advanced AOV Strategy

Increase AOV to win more customers
Build a Brand
Influencer Marketing

Build brand equity that keeps growing when your ads are off
Video Remarketing

Video strategies to qualify and convert customers
LTV Strategies

Keep your customers coming back
Build a Campaign
Advanced Funnels

Build leakproof funnels
Advanced Bidding Strategy

Up-to-the-minute methods that work
Find Creative Genius

Master consumer psychology
What to expect

Learn from and network with the best in an intimate setting where all will be revealed.
Expect Unparalleled Value

You’ll never find this many ecommerce superstars on one stage
Expect ROI For Your Business

We’re providing directly applicable case studies that will grow your business
Expect The Unexpected

We’re bringing more than a few wild cards to the table. You never know what secrets they’ll divulge.