J Keitsu & AJ Jomah DSA Mentorship Package

February 18, 2018

Name Product: J Keitsu & AJ Jomah DSA Mentorship Package
Sale Page: _https://secure.7figureskills.com/mentorship-package

Price: $2497

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Phase 1: Foundations

This phase is all about getting in the right mindset, organizing yourself and your schedule to make time for your new business, and learning the basics of what drop shipping is.

Well also go over the expectations and show you exactly how much work its going to take to get your store off the ground.

Lastly, well give you a goal-setting workbook to fill out this is an awesome way to hold yourself accountable and track your progress as you work your way through the DSA lessons.

Phase 2: Niche Selection

Its exactly what it sounds like. Were going to deep dive into our process for finding a winning niche, and show you the key metrics we use to verify whether or not that niche will be profitable for us.

Youll learn what price point to look for, what brands to stay away from, who your target market is, and what actionable steps you can take to brainstorm a good niche.

Well end this phase by giving you the Niche Selection Spreadsheet and a list of 199 potential niches to choose from.

Phase 3: Market Research

So youve brainstormed some niches, have a few to choose from, but cant decide which one has the best chance of success. Thankfully, we made an entire section on how to research your market, spy on competitors, and a bunch of other tools and tricks to help verify which niche is best for you.

Well also start researching suppliers, figuring out whether or not theyre drop-ship friendly, figuring out who will give you the best wholesale price, and be leveraging your research to lock down which suppliers you want to go with.

Phase 4: Shopify Store Setup

This is where it starts to get fun. Well teach you the many different ways you can brand your business. Well show you the basics of setting up your Shopify store from scratch and provide screen-sharing videos that literally show you how to customize your store step-by-step.

On top of that, were going to give you our exclusive Shopify Theme which is BY FAR the best theme for maximizing conversions that weve ever used all yours for free.

Phase 5: Getting Suppliers

This is usually the hardest part for people because it requires actually picking up your phone and talking to a real human being.

Dont worry though, not only do I give you phone and e-mail scripts to use but I also give you a directory of over 500 US suppliers to contact. We also provide you with a template that we use to narrow down our supplier lists and compare/contrast each one to lock down the best suppliers.

Phase 6: Paid Traffic

So your store is set up, you have suppliers in place ready to ship your products whenever you make a sale, NOW you just need some customers to sell to!

This is where a lot of people go wrong most people start by putting ads on Facebook or Instagram, but we teach you a paid traffic strategy that wont waste your money. We start with teaching you about tracking, how to run effective Google ads, how to set up retargeting, and eventually move into an affiliate and social media marketing.

Phase 7: Scaling & Automating

Once you get your first few orders in, its time to start putting your business on auto-pilot. The last thing you want is to get a ton of new customers, only to realize that you arent ready to handle that many orders at once.

Well show you how to automate your orders, shipping, tracking, and even your ad campaigns. Well talk about the importance of VAs, and where we go to outsource some of the more technical sides of our businesses.

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