Jean Slatter – Creative Mystic (2016)

May 15, 2017

Jean Slatter – Creative Mystic (2016)
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Discover how easy it can be to call upon the gifts and talents in the world of energy and employ a spiritual workforce as your personal power team!

Know you are the master of your life
Command Prosperity instead of trying to attract it
Get guidance and inspiration
A method of creation to use anywhere in your life
Enjoy wonderful relationships
Manifest your dreams
Be happier than you ever thought possible
Improve your health
Create peace at heart

There Is Nothing Comparable
To The Secrets of Being A Master Creator
With Mind-Blowing Power!

Rarely does a book come along that creates a lasting change in one’s life. Whether you realize it or not, you play a part in the divine plan of creation. Once you recognize this, you can gain access to the immense power in the universe. It ‘s simple; when you engage the right celestial helpers, anything becomes possible.
Harness the power of the Universe immediately!

Hiring the Heavens introduces an employment metaphor that brings the concept of “connecting with Spirit” firmly down to Earth. With fun, familiar imagery and an easy “hiring” process, it teaches you how to recruit the resources of the Heavens and mobilize a talented and willing celestial “staff”.

This works regardless of whether you believe in God or not, a Higher Power, your Higher Self, Buddha, Infinite Intelligence or any other Divine Power.

The use of the Hiring the Heavens concept is not dependant on your religious or non-religious beliefs.

This is a Universal Practice that ANYONE can use to get in touch with Their Divine Right to Manifest!

Whether the task is large or small, whether you want to manifest your dreams, find a soul mate, improve your finances, or simply get through your days without stress and worry, the Heavens are ready to help. With their assistance, you become co-creator and co-director of your life, experiencing more joy and more serendipity every day.

Jean Slatter is an accomplished author and inspirational speaker who is helping thousands to receive clarity, direction and purpose through their direct access to Higher Guidance. In 2005, Jean published her landmark book, “Hiring the Heavens,” which introduced a unique perspective on connecting with the power of the heavens to fulfill your daily and life goals. Hiring the Heavens is inspiring people all over the world to create their world in tandem with the workforce of the celestial realm. Since its release date in 2005, “Hiring the Heavens” has been consistently ranked in the top 3% of books sales on

Jean is the founder of the Creative Mystic program which teaches holistic healing modalities and spiritual philosophies intended for self-growth and assisting others on their paths to wholeness. Jean Slatter is a Creative Mystic Higher Guidance Life Coach specializing in receiving intuitive information to help clients optimize their potential and realize their dreams and goals through integrated wellbeing of mind, body and spirit. Jean works one on one coaching clients by connecting with their Higher Guidance. Jean’s unique intuitive ability has helped many on their path of personal and spiritual discovery as they move toward a greater awareness and understanding of life’s events.

Jean believes there is no barrier or separation between you and your divine nature. Through her programs she provides easy-to-use and practical tools to reveal the wisdom of the soul and transform your being into the real truth of who you are. Jean believes that we are all powerful creators, divinely sanctioned to express our gifts to the world and has always believed in living life in harmony with nature and honoring mind, body and spirit.

Jean leads workshops across the country and is a sought after speaker. She has also been a presenter at the Awakenings conferences along with Marianne Williamson, Joe Vitale, Dan Millman, Jean Houston and Don Miguel Ruiz and the keynote speaker at the Unity Conference in Florida. Jean’s materials have been featured in noted publications such as First for Women magazine, Science of Mind, New Age Journal, Conscious Living Magazine, and many others. She had been on dozens of radio and blogtalk programs.

Jean is also Certified Traditional Naturopath and earned her Doctor of Naturopathy from the Clayton School of Naturopathy and Ph.D. in Nutritional Therapy from the American Holistic College of Nutrition. She is a certified Nutritional Consultant through the American Association of Nutritional Consultants and is certified as an Acupressurist through the Berkeley Institute of Acupressure. She is also certified in herbology through the Tree of Light Institute. She has had a private practice since 1992.

Jean is a practitioner of Allergy Elimination, Applied Kinesiology, a Reiki Master, a student of EAV (Electro-Acupuncture according to Voll) devices, and an active dowser since 1990. Jean is a Founding Senior Minister of Holistic Healing with Awakenings Institute.