Jeff Saxton & Sean Mize – Facebook Authoritee

July 8, 2018

Jeff Saxton & Sean Mize – Facebook Authoritee
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Jeff Saxton & Sean Mize – Facebook Authoritee

Hey there, Jeff here with my partner and mentor Sean Mize.

For those who don’t know me, I’m the AMAZON Best selling co-author of “Pebbles In The Pond – Vol 2” and the creator of “The 2-Step Sales Torrent” Cold Calling System.
Are you struggling with using Facebook in your business?

Are you frustrated with trying to get followers, clients and customers through Facebook, but you just can’t make it work?

Have you ever tried to make posts from your Facebook Page, maybe even a few posts from your blog but it’s all out of sync and nothing is working as one system?

If so, you are not alone, in fact, . . . until you figure out:

Your targeted niche
Who your ideal customers are
Where they hang out
How to attract them to you

…you will continue to struggle.

Now unless you have been living in a cold dark cave, you know all the gurus talk about how important Facebook Marketing is.
But Maybe They Are Keeping A Secret…

Now that I am getting results on Facebook, I can see how easy it would be to impress people with a simple formula, but not tell them EVERYTHING..

I mean, if we reveal everything, you might not need us anymore!
Let me tell you my story…

I didn’t think much of a recent discovery that my wife and I made on her Facebook Page.

We did a few things at the beginning that, quite honestly, put us in a perfect storm.

Before we put this step by step plan in place, everything was total hit and miss. We made random posts with no congruency or system. Nothing was working.

I was so frustrated, and battled so many headaches…
I felt like I had double vision every time I looked at my Fanpage on the computer screen!

Results Were Scarce, And Inconsistent…

But then, the Most Amazing Thing Happened – a Powerful Online Marketing Principle Began to Kick In!

But I almost quit this method. I didn’t have anyone around to tell me this was worth the trial and error.

I just wish I could have had a coach or mentor to encourage me and point the way, and pull me out of the ditches as needed.

The great thing for you is – if you choose to use this method, you will have ME with you to help you navigate the twists and turns.

Let Me Make This Bold Statement…

I believe I can teach you to do what I have done, so that you can have success finding the ideal targeted niche that is perfectly suited for you!

I can teach you how to grow your authority with your Ideal Customers until you literally have them waiting with baited breath for your next post, and email!

I’ve learned the hard way, through trial and error.

And now I want to help you!

What if I Were To Show You How To Use This Method to Explode Into An Exponential Growth Pattern!

That’s right! This is perhaps the BEST THING about this method!

A Parabolic Curve of Growth will take effect with just a few Turbo Tweaks!

It’s all in my course. And it’s totally newbie-friendly.

I believe that you can literally go from 20 subscribers and 3 sales a day AND SCALE IT HUGE!

How would it feel if I were to show you the entire process, from A-Z?
Here’s How Facebook Authoritee Works:
Create Compelling Posts In FB Groups

Facebook Groups are ideal for locating the most engaged potential buyers in your targeted specific sub-niche of interest.
Link Posts Back To Your Facebook FanPage

The Facebook FanPage is an amazing advertising and fan-building tool. And Group admins are usually agreeable with posts that link to Fanpages.
Draw Ideal Customers To Your Super Blog

Making a “Super Blog” is easy to do. We show you where to place pop-up opt-in forms, and product links that your ideal buyer can’t resist.
Start Getting 20 Subscribers & 3 Sales A Day!

With these 3 Parts working together as 1 System, your Facebook Authoritee Machine will grow exponentially!
This Manual Includes:

94 Pages Premium Content

Detailed Pictures & Diagrams

My “Secret Sauces” & Tricks

Free Plug Ins, Tools

Ways to Multiply Your Results
Unleash The Amazing Power Of Your OWN Authority!
This is A Total Overview – an In-Depth Explanation of Why I Created Facebook Authoritee; Why it Works, And How I Easily Create Deep Connections of Trust, and How Strangers become Repeat Customers and Partners.

I’ll show you the key things that made it happen, and what I learned along the way

I’ll give you the EXACT Post Templates that get the greatest engagement

I’ll reveal the exact method I use to turn a Triple Play in Facebook

I’ll show you how I repost my blog URL in a FB Fanpage post for huge results