Jim Cockrum Proven Merch Live

February 18, 2018

Name Product: Jim Cockrum Proven Merch Live
Sale Page: http://provenmerchlive.com/

Price: $149

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Three Days Of Amazing Content From Leading Amazon Merch Expert, Chris Green,
and Other Hugely Successful Merchpreneurs
Yorba Linda, CA

Heres What You Can Expect From This Workshop

How to get your first 10 designs LIVE and SELLING

How to quickly “tier up” so that you can upload more and more designs

Learn simple Facebook marketing strategies that Bretts team is using to propel virtually any design into the Merch spotlight while growing an audience for repeat future sales!

Learn to leverage relationships with established communities to launch successful designs

“Sleep at Night” understanding the difference between copyright and trademark to keep your account clean

Learn strategies from top Merch By Amazon designers who have over 10,000 active listings and earn over $10,000 in royalties each month!

Hear from a Merch By Amazon designer who built and sold their Merch By Amazon business for over $70,000!

Get the latest inside scoop on where Merch By Amazon is going next
Modules We Covered
Module 1: Understanding Merch By Amazon

Module 2: Signing Up and What to Expect

Module 3: Design Ideas, Learning, and Hiring/Outsourcing

Module 4: Planting Your Money Trees

Module 5: Watering Your Money Trees
(Facebook Ads, AMS Amazon Marketing Services)

Module 6: Licensing Power of Partnerships

Module 7: Local Business Opportunities

Module 8: Future of Merch Expanding Your Empire

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