John Siegel, Leilani Cannon How to Land a Six Figure Pharmaceutical Sales Job

November 4, 2017

Product Name: John Siegel, Leilani Cannon How to Land a Six Figure Pharmaceutical Sales Job
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Your personal start to finish guide to landing your dream job in pharmaceutical sales.
***UPDATE for 2017*** we are now offering this course for free, and in so doing this course no longer comes with the free internal referrals. Please disregard those mentions of the free internal referrals that are in the course. If after finishing the course you would like help with your resume, brag book, interview prep, and internal referrals (at our discretion) you can book one on one coaching sessions with either Leilani or John (or both for an additional fee). Our hourly fee is $100 or $175 for 2 hours. Email us to schedule an appointment.
This course is designed for those looking to break into the world of pharma sales, a job highly coveted because of high pay and great lifestyle. A 6 figure salary, company car, expense account, no office/no boss everyday lifestyle is what this course is guiding you to landing. This course is taught by two top reps who have helped many people break into pharma sales. This course is structured into ten sections:
Basic Requirements
Is This Job For You?
Job Timeline
Pharma Lingo/Vocab
The Job Search
Landing Your First Interview
Getting the Job Offer
After The Interview
Closing Thoughts
The course is designed to be taken in one sitting, and at the end of completing the course requirements you will be a top candidate for landing a pharma sales job.